Most of the Time *Harry Styles*

"It's weird Harry." I say in his chest, as I snuggle closer to him.

"What is?" he asks.

"I feel so scared around you, yet I feel so safe." I whisper.

"Well you are safe with me. Most of the time." he says. I look up into his eyes, confused at his statement.

"Most of the time?" I ask, scared of the answer.

"Go to sleep Marlee." he says and gently pushes my head back into his chest.

"Goodnight Harry." I say.

"Goodnight Marlee." he says and we both fall asleep in each other's arms.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV-

I am currently getting ready for mine and Marlee's date tonight. I'm planning on taking her to a pizza place that has karaoke and a game room. It's just going to be a fun and relaxed date. I can't wait to spend time with Marlee. She's so cute. I love her smile and her laugh and her hair and her eyes and so much more. I guess it's safe to say I'm falling for her and I'm falling fast.

Yesterday she was so supportive for me at the hospital. She tried to keep my mind off of it and she held my hand the whole time. She randomly hugged me and she even kissed me a few times which made me forget about everything for a couple of minutes.

My mom's surgery went fantastic and she is in the hospital recovering. I tried to stay with her, but she didn't have it and made me take Marlee on our date.

I pull up in front of her house and nervously walk up to her door. She texted me and told me that I would be meeting her parents which freaks me out. She told me all about their fight and I'm super scared that they'll judge me.

I knock 3 knocks on the door and I wait for someone to answer. "Hello! I am so happy to be meeting you! You make my sister so happy!" this little boy opens the door and greets me.

"Nice to meet you too. Are you Peter? I've heard that you make your sister very happy too." I smile at him.

"That's me! I love my sister very much." he smiles up at me.

"She loves you too." I smile back at him.

"Hey Harry! I see you've met Peter." Marlee smiles and gently kisses my cheek.

"I like him a lot, Marlee." he says to his sister.

"I like him too." she smiles. A woman walks up to us and my heart drops.

"Mum, I would like you to meet Harry. Harry, this is my mum." Marlee says and introduces us.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Skies." I politely say and hold out my hand for her to shake. She shakes it back as she looks into my eyes.

"Are you nervous?" she asks me.

"Honestly? Yes." I say.

"That means you're taking this seriously. I like you, Harry." she smiles at me. I breathe a sigh of relief. One parent down, one more to go. I have a feeling her dad is going to be really tough.

"Come on in, Harry." Peter invites. All of us chuckle and I follow him inside.

"Hello son." her dad says and goes to shake my hand.

"Hello Mr. Skies." I say and shake his hand.

"You're going to take care of Marlee right?" he asks.

"Of course. She means a lot to me." I say.

"You two have fun." he says and smiles at me. I smile back and breathe yet another sigh of relief.

"Ready to go?" I ask turning to Marlee.

"Yup!" she smiles.

"Where are you two going?" Mrs. Skies asks.

"I was going to take her to that pizza place downtown with the karaoke machine and game room." I smile and Marlee's eyes light up.

"I love that place!" she says and does a mini happy dance. I smile at how cute she is.

"Can I have a hug, Marlee?" Peter asks.

"Of course." she smiles and hugs him.

"Bye guys." Marlee says and grabs my hand.

"Bye." I wave and we walk out to my car.

"Ready for some fun?" I ask as I start my car.

"I can't wait!" she smiles.

I take her hand with my right hand and I control the steering wheel with my left hand. I pull up to a stoplight that turns red so I stop. "Harry?" she asks.

"Hmm?" I ask her and turn my head to look at her. Instead of responding her lips land on mine. I smile through the kiss and she does. The kiss gets a little deeper. My hands let go of the wheel and her hand and gently holds her neck. Her hands tangle in my hair.

We hear a honk from behind us and we immediately break apart. I realize the light has turned green and I know we're both blushing mad.

Yup. I am definitely falling for that girl.

And that's not a good thing. She can't be with me. She just can't. What am I doing?



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