Most of the Time *Harry Styles*

"It's weird Harry." I say in his chest, as I snuggle closer to him.

"What is?" he asks.

"I feel so scared around you, yet I feel so safe." I whisper.

"Well you are safe with me. Most of the time." he says. I look up into his eyes, confused at his statement.

"Most of the time?" I ask, scared of the answer.

"Go to sleep Marlee." he says and gently pushes my head back into his chest.

"Goodnight Harry." I say.

"Goodnight Marlee." he says and we both fall asleep in each other's arms.


3. Chapter 3


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Marlee's POV-

Harry and I run out of his room, down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Mom!" Harry yells as he sees the room engulfed in flames.

"Marlee, call the police!" he says as he goes and tries to help his mom out of the flames. I dial 999 and tell the police my problem. They said they are sending fire trucks and ambulances.

Gemma, Harry's sister who I met earlier, comes running in. "What happened?" she asks.

"You two go outside! I'm getting mom!" Harry yells over the fire alarm beeping through the house.

"But Har-" Gemma tries to argue, but Harry interrupts her.

"GET OUT!" he yells. We both run outside and wait for the ambulance and fire truck to come.

"Are you okay?" she asks me.

"Yeah, are you?" I ask.

"Yeah. I hope Mum and Harry are okay." she says. God I do too.

*After Firemen Stop the Fire.*

Gemma and I are at the hospital in the waiting room. Once the firemen stopped the fire, they brought out Harry and Anne. They had cuts, bruises and burns all over them. They couldn't breathe to well and were really weak. The ambulance took them away and I drove Gemma and I to the hospital.

I called my parents and told them why I'm at the hospital and I won't be home for a while. They didn't understand why I wanted to stay at hospital with some family I don't even know. Little did they know what happened before the fire.

I told them there was no chance I was coming home anytime soon and they gave up on trying to convince me to come home.

"Harry and Anne Styles family?" a doctor asked coming into the waiting room. Gemma and I practically run over to him.

"Are you girls blood related?" he asks.

"I'm Harry's sister and Anne's daughter and Marlee is a very close family friend." Gemma says. I have a feeling she really thought that.

I look up at him with pleading eyes, begging to know what's wrong with them. "Well they are both doing okay. Not great though. Harry has some cuts and bruises and will just need to stay with us for a couple of nights just so we can watch his breathing. Anne on the other hand is not so good. She is doing fine mentally and acts normal, but the smoke was in her lungs too long. Long story short, she needs a lung transplant. We need to make this surgery as soon as possible, with little time of her lungs still being useful. We checked when we could get donated lungs and the soonest date possible is in two days. So we will perform her surgery here in two days. Don't be too worried, we do lung transplants all of the time. We've never had something go wrong before." he says.

"Can we go see them?" Gemma asks.

"Of course. Harry's in this room and Anne is in this room." he says as he points to two different rooms.

"You go see Harry and I'll go see mum." Gem says before going into Anne's room.

I walk over to Harry's room and gently knock on the door. "Come in." a husky deep voice calls. I open the door and see him laying on the bed. Tears come to my eyes seeing him with bruises, cuts, and burns. His wrists have IVs in them, with the bags of liquid pumping into his body.

"Come here." he says seeing the tears in my eyes. I walk over to him letting out sobs. I know you're probably thinking I'm wacko. I'm crying over a dude I met a few hours ago. But within those hours, we really got to know each other. He is the only one I can talk to besides my brother. That is a huge thing.

I sit next to him on the bed looking into his eyes. His soft hand wipes my tears. "I'm going to be okay and so is mum." he whispers. I nod my head as more tears fall out.

"Here lay down." he says and makes room.

"I don't want to hurt you." I say.

"You aren't going to hurt me, I promise. It'll make me feel better if you laid by me." he says. I smile and so does he. I gently get under his covers as his arms wrap around me. We are both facing each other while laying down in each other's arms.

"Are you comfy?" I ask him.

"Yes. Are you comfy?" he returns.

"Umm hmm." I say in response. I lay my head on his chest and listen to the calming sound of his heartbeat.

"By the way, you are totally rocking the gown." I say referring to his hospital gown. His body shakes as he laughs.

"Thanks babe." he responds.

His arms leaves my side for a second as he reaches to turn of the light with switch above his bed. "Goodnight." he says as his arm returns on my side. His gentle lips kiss the top of my hair. I smile. I love being with him.

"Goodnight Harry." I say and we both fall asleep to the quiet beeping of the heart monitor and the hustle and bustle of a busy hospital in the hallway.



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