The World Where Eden Blossoms

A child, born into this world, was female. That was Fourteen years ago. Now, the child is discovering more about herself than she realized at first. And how- she might not be such a girl after all.


3. this land is not your land

   Eli's first steps onto the new turf of high school are confident. He knows he'll do ok. He knows it. Well, maybe he's just a little bit concerned. He walks in big strides, setting his jaw and looking confident.

   Eli had always known there was something about him that didn' He was uncomfortable in his clothing, and he felt fake, not true to himself when he tried makeup. Not to mention his constant want of a dick. Okay, so maybe he put it off as so-called "penis-envy" when he was younger, but he knew that what he had...down there was wrong. Not to mention the breasts that had slowly developed as he grew older. He had been flat-chested most of his life, but around seventh grade his chest had started growing. He was extremely uncomfortable with it and his dread just grew with his slowly shaping body. Shaking his head, he threw the thoughts away. Just recently realizing what he needed and coming out to his parents, he could be the boy he wanted to be.

    His strut mirrors that of the other guys in the hallway, and he flushes with pride at his expertly-placed strides. He can do this. He can be just another one of the boys. He gets some weird looks as he walks in, and he's afraid that they will know his secret, but he keeps his head down, and hurries over to his new locker.

     Tossing the red backpack his moms had bought for him into his locker, he makes a conscience effort not to look around. A loud noise startles him as someone next to him slams their locker. His hands shake, and papers spill across the hallway. He can hear the muffled snickers of fellow students as they tromp over his stuff. Great. Just great. His first day, and already he's made a fool out of himself.

   "Shit." He gasps, bending over and clutching for the footprint-stained papers.

   "I'm so sorry, man. I didn't. Here- let me help." The person who had made this all possible crouches next to him, and starts to reach for the papers next to Eli's locker. Eli feel his heart soar when he realizes that the other kid had said "man", but it's not enough to evaporate his anger.

  Eli looks up, ready to reprimand this asshole, but stops short when he sees the guy. He's slightly taller than Eli, has sienna hair, and grey eyes. His lips are rosy and his cheeks are flushed in embarrassment. He looks up at Eli, and hands him some of the papers. Eli's heart stutters, but he forces himself to look pissed off. Fuck cute boys. He snatches the papers out of the guy's hand and shoves them back into his binder.

   The guy shoves his hand through his mussed hair, and then thrusts it towards Eli.

   "Hey. Um, I'm Felix." He flashes a smile that should be illegal, and Eli takes his hand in a firm grip.

    "Eli." He turns and walks away, leaving Felix behind. What the hell? He needs to get to his class.

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