The World Where Eden Blossoms

A child, born into this world, was female. That was Fourteen years ago. Now, the child is discovering more about herself than she realized at first. And how- she might not be such a girl after all.


1. The Beginning

  As she grew up, she knew something was different about her. She liked boys, like a lot of the other girls, she still somewhat enhanced her features with makeup, but...she didn't really feel right. Her body felt awkward, and off. She hated having breasts, and didn't know what to do with...her other thing. 

    Eli mainly put up with it, and was only teased a little for wearing boys clothing as she grew up, but her elementary school classmates got used to it.

   But that was all before high school, and starting off in a new school with no one familiar, she knew she was in for a rough time.

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