The World Where Eden Blossoms

A child, born into this world, was female. That was Fourteen years ago. Now, the child is discovering more about herself than she realized at first. And how- she might not be such a girl after all.


2. Now

 Eli adjusts her hat to fit nicely on her head, and tugs on her jacket, the feeling of un-modified boys clothing suits her, and though her boxers have to be one size bigger (due to her curved hips), she enjoys the feeling of looseness. Blinking at her reflection she clenches her jaw as she holds her large breasts in her hands, still visible through the layers of clothing. Undoing her jacket, she applies one more layer, and smiles when it does the trick.

    "Eli!", one of her moms calls, "You'll be late for school!" 

   Eli decides that starting today, she will refer to herself as a boy. He nods in the mirror, satisfied, but not quite satisfied. He sheepishly ducks his head and pulls his pants down, tucking a "packer" he had made into his pants, fitting it until it looked natural. He is lucky that he convinced his moms to sign a form, excusing him from P.E. for a while. The locker room situation would be impossible to handle. And what about boys? It would be hard to attract even gay boys as long as he has this stupid body.


   "I'm coming, I'm coming!" He slips his backpack on and starts down the stairs, emphasizing his discontent with his heavy footsteps.

   Katie, one of his moms waits downstairs and gasps when she sees him. "You look handsome, my dearest child. Now come on, we really have to get going, you can take your toast into the car. Dana! I'm taking Eli to school, I'll see you when I get back, love you!"

   He heard a muffled "love you" from somewhere in the house as he sprints to the car, toast in his hand.

   Mom starts the car, and pulls out. "You excited? I know you'll make a ton of friends."

  He just nods, looking out the window as the landscape changes from houses to trees, and then to the city.  

   I can't wait for someone to mistake me for a girl. He thinks.

   "Mom, do I look like a girl?"

  She glances at Eli, and then back at the road. "No, I think you look just as boyish as you are."

   My moms always know what to say.

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