The vampire boarding school

3 innocent vampires meet 5 bad boys vampires. What will happen? Will the evil turn good or the good turn evil? How many victims there will be? 100? 1000? Or no?


3. Chapter 3

"Harry, where are you taking me?" "You've noticed it quickly. You did not really think I'll let you go again, right? Not for nothing, I'm Niall's best friend." He laughed darkly. "What Niall?" Damn. Niall knew that I lived here. "Of course doll. Your big brother has missed you. You'll see him again." I acted quickly. I hit Harry in the face, which brought him to the brakes. Then I grabbed my phone and entered the car door. I ran and ran. I did not know where. Just as I reached a spot known, Harry jumped in front of me. "What did I tell you? Do not run!" He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. "Why, you are so fast and strong?" He was actually the strongest vampire I've ever seen. "That's because I drink warm, fresh blood and not from any nasty blood bags!" I just lay on his shoulder. "Why do you carry me to him?" I asked to break the silence. "Well, we just want a little ... Hm .. How can I say it? ... Say fun." "Under fun you know what? Seduce women, have fun with them and then they suck. And then a few fights here and there?" "Yeah, pretty much." he opened a door. "Hey buddy. Did you find her?" asked a male voice. "Sure!" He also sat down the floor and turned around. I looked at three boys. Had a brew hair and blue eyes. He had quite muscles he had tattoos. The other had brown hair and brown eyes. He sat with the other boys on the sofa and playing XBox. Apparently, all tattoo, as the third, who was lying on the floor and sit-ups had made some. And he came. Niall. "HeyBro. Apparently you've found my sister." He stood in front of me and stroked my cheek. I slapped his hand away and pushed him with all my strength, which promoted him to the other side of the room. I jumped on him as he lay on the ground. "YOU WANKER!" i sream in his face. He grabbed my arms as I tried to beat him again. "I'm happy also to see you again!" he grinned mischievously. "I missed my sister." "YOU LOUSY DIRT DOG!" "Calm your tits." He stood up and held me still. "What do you want from me?" "As I said, I've missed my sister." "Yes, is clear! Anger you only looking!" at the moment a girl came out of a room. "Louis, come back here!" she murmured. The boy with the blue eyes stood up and grabbed her neck. He looked into her eyes and her pupils became smaller. "You will not cry. You're just quietly until your last drop of blood in me!" his vampire teeth went out, and his eyes were turning red. He bit and sucked it out. I turned not to have to watch. "I ask you, have you never seen a man like a vampire has sucked?" Niall patted me on the shoulder. "Wow. My little sister is the pure innocent." "Am not!" "You're the little angel that evrybody can be proud just like before.." he spoke. "And you're still the asshole that everybody hate." he went a step towards me. "Oh really? Everybody hates me? Even you?" he knew that I could never hate him. "No. I do not hate you ... I ..." kich I felt uncomfortable under his gaze. "You?" I broke him his neck. I did not nocked him out long. But at least I had not heard him for a time. I went into the living room. Louis was finished with the girl and brought her straight out. "Who are you, anyway?" I asked. "I'm Liam, thats Zayn and that is Louis. Harry, you already know." he stood up and hold out his hand. I turned away. "Then do not." he said, more to himself. "Where is Niall?" Zayn asked. "In the kitchen." I looked around a little. The apartment was relatively large and bright. It was beautifully decorated and somehow I felt comfortable. No! Stop thinking that! This is the house of your brother. You do not like him. I pushed the thought aside and looked out the window. "I'll show you the apartment." Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Harry?" I stopped. "Yes?" "From what rules you talked about earlier?" "We talk about it afterwards." he winked at me. "DANA" I heard Niall yell. "You need not shout, I'm not deaf." within two seconds he stood before me. "How dare you, to just break me the neck?" He grabbed my neck. "How dare you kidnap me? I've done nothing to you, right?""You have done nothing.'s Right., But I'm going to do a lot." He squeezed my neck tighter. "Niall. What'd he just made you. All this hate. All this pain." I freed myself from his grip. "And still you wonder why Mum don't want you." I caught a slap. "Niall, I did not mean ..." I knew exactly that mom was his weak spot. "Dare predict that one more time." his voice was full of anger but I also saw sadness in his eyes. That was my gift. I could look into the souls of others. "Get out of my sight now." he clenched his hand into a fist. "Come, I'll show you where you sleep. Oh crap. Niall where is your sister sleep at all?" "She sleeps with me so I can have control over her." He looked at me again, then went down. "What do you mean with 'Mum don't want you'?" Harry asked confused. "No matter." He pulled me into a room. "This is Niall's room and my room is right opposite." He wanted to go but I still tried to keep him with me. No idea why. "Harry, why are you so changeable? Earlier, you were the bad guy and now you're so cute?" he smiled. "You're nice. You're the first girl who not commanded me around. And you're the first girl that I do not have to hypnotize, so she gives me attention." I wondered what had happened to his family. "My family you ask? They were not vampires." "How-" he cut me off by raising his hand. "I can read your mind. You should watch what you're thinking." He winked at me and walked away. Niall's room was different than Thought.The room was beautiful. It was bright My eyes discovered something ... Something that has not inspired me ... There was a list ... A list of names ...

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