The vampire boarding school

3 innocent vampires meet 5 bad boys vampires. What will happen? Will the evil turn good or the good turn evil? How many victims there will be? 100? 1000? Or no?


2. Chapter 2

"Niall?" I shouted. "Yes, Niall. Your Big Brother." I jumped up. "Are you sure?" I looked outside. The snow fell softly and quietly on the floor. "If Niall is there, then there is a problem." I ran up and down the room. "Yes. I know why I was so worried." Ipek take a blood bag from the small refrigerator. "I would too." Gunda turned upside down on her bed.


"Niall. Wherever you go with Dad?" I asked. "Your brother needs to be a real man!" my father intervened. "Niall is a real man!" my mother protested. "No, he's a mama's boy! He's weak. He must be strong like me!" "Niall, please will not like daddy.He is an evil vampire. "I hugged Niall." Angel, will never like him. ! Promised "he gave me a kiss on the forehead And then they were gone forever

-End of Flashback -

.." My father took me Niall. After he came back, he was never again the same. "I was looking for a book. It told my story. How it all began. It was more like a diary with pictures." We should look around if he makes trouble. "Gunda now also drank some blood. "Yes, I go into town tomorrow anyway. I need a new book. ""I'll go with you?" asked Ipek. "Already forgotten, tomorrow you will have a meeting with Nick." "Shit, that's right. Tomorrow I'll break up with him anyway." I turned to Ipek. "I thought you're real to him." "Did I also thought, but he just wants to sleep with me." she rolled her eyes. "Hm .. Okay. I'd better sleep now." I turned to Gunda. She slept long ago. "Good night, honey." Ipek muttered. "Good night, darling." The next morning I woke up first. I quickly jumped in the shower and changed my clothes:

I got my permission to go into town and went to the small bookstore at the end of the city. After I had bought a book on the ancient Greek mythology, I went to my favorite cafe. It was small and always smelled of coffee. I like to go out here because I knew the woman from the cafe. She was a vampire, so I could come here without any fairings. When I came in, I ordered a tea and sat down in my home area. I noticed a guy at the bar. He often looked over at me.He had brown curly hair and green eyes. And tattoos everywhere. He noticed that I was watching him, so I looked away quickly and took my phone out. I wanna send a message to Ipek."Hey doll" he grinned, "Hi" I whispered, he took my phone out of my hand, I didn’t say anything, I am scared. This stranger has just walked over to me and his eyes haven’t left. "You look a bit nervous." he said smirking, and grabbing my hand and playing with my fingers. I didn’t reply. It was a weird feeling."There is no need to b"’ he said smiling. "Anyway I have to get going, I will see you soon doll" he said, letting go of my hand. I sighed a breath of relief. I got my things and walked home. Gunda was waiting for me. "Dana, I have ... what's wrong?" "I'm just meet a weird guy.He has somehow made me afraid." I got dressed. I slipped into girls boxer shorts and a Short top. Gunda jumped on my bed. "Tell me all about him." her eyes sparkled. "Well, there is not much to tell. He is tall, well built, has lots of tattoos and brown hair and green eyes." "It looks exactly like the guy standing at the window." she pointed behind me. I turned around and screamed at what the boy conjured up a cheeky smile to the lips. I jump from my bed and went to the window. "How the hell did you find me?" Harry leaning against the window.. ‘Hey doll’ he smiled, I stayed silent, I heard him laugh ‘How did you know where I lived?’ I asked again., "Those shorts really make your legs look hot’ he said.walking over to me and grabbing my thigh, I gulped and stepped back ‘what do you want’ I asked, "I want to take you out’ he grinned, I shook my head "I... I can’t. I have to ask before." I said.I was looking for help to Gunda, but she was gone. "That's not a problem anymore. I already ask for you. The nice Ms. Fletcher did not mind that your long lost cousin you visited times. And now put something pretty on doll" he said, I sighed and turned around walking up the wardrobe, I wasn’t going to say no, who knows what he could do. I mean he found me and and ms. Fletcher leaves only other vampires to boarding. 1 more thing I know about him. He's a vampire. "Well! Turn around." I say to him. "By the way, I'm Harry." "I'm Dana." "I know." "Where from?" I asked. "There is your name under the picture." "Where are we going?" "In a fine restaurant." I pulled out a dress and something else:

After I slipped into the things I said, "Happy?" He turned around. "Yes, especially because you hang a mirror on the wall." Harry smirked, I said nothing "You have a nice body... and look good naked" he said, I sighed and walked to the door. We walked outside, he walked to his car I trailed behind him. A black Range Rover 

was in front of me. I sat in the passenger seat. My phone kept vibrating, I've got a message

Gunda: Sorry the guy was weird. I got scared ... What happened?


Send. My phone was ripped from my hands. Harry looked down at my phone. "No more phones for you" he said putting it in the glove box in front of me ‘SOS? Really, why do you need rescuing?’ he asked, I just looked down at my hands. "You don’t speak much do you?" he asked "Not when I am being forced." I said to myself, I just shook my head no to him. We got out at a restaurant, I sight and got out. ‘Can I have my phone I need to call my my best friend’ I said quietly, ‘She can wait I want you to myself, you look stunning’ he smiled, I was so nervous and scared. He grabbed my hand, but I pulled away and folded my arms, he just laughed. We got a table and sat down; I sighed and ordered a salad. "I am just going to the bathroom." I said standing up, "Hurry back." he said, I smiled. I got into the bathroom, I paced. I am going to have to run for it. I stuck around the front, and said to the waitress, ‘If the boy there asks where I am just say the bathroom please." I said, ‘I get it’ she said smiling, I nodded and smiled back. I ran outside and walked left and followed the road it had been a good ten minutes, then wait... My phone! Harry has got it in the car. FUCK! I turned around and walked back down the street, I turned in at the restaurant. I walked over to the car and could see Harry leaning against the car.He looked up and saw me, he stomped on the fag, and I sighed and slowly approached. He grabbed my wrist harshly, his grip was tight it really hurt. He threw into the passenger seat; I sat there and looked down at my lap. The car’s engine roared, as Harry sped off. He grabbed my phone and threw it on my lap. "Why did you run?" he yelled, I stayed silent, "WHAT DID I DO? I could just... urg... I don’t get i!" he shouted, he was so scary when he was angry, not that he wasn’t scary before. "Why did you run?!" he said slamming his hands on the steering wheel, making me jump "You... You scared me..." I said quietly. "I scared you?" he said, I nodded. "Don’t run doll." he said laughing, "That’s the first rule." he said. Then I noticed that he did not brought me back at home, but somewhere else. But where?

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