The Change

This is not my fanfic but it was amazing so i decided to use it, all credits to who wrote this IT IS NOT MY WORK! *dark fanfic*


3. Chapter Three

I went to bed that night. I woke up this morning and got dressed. I have no plans for today. So I walk to the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal. I eat and wash my bowl. It's only 8 am. What am i going to do? My phone beeps. I pick it up seeing i have a text. I don't recognize the number, but i open it anyway as i sit on the couch. 


* from unknown number* Hey beautiful. xxLouis 


My breath catches in my throat. I swallow and reply. 


*from me.* What do you want with me.  *from unknown number* Why don't you tell me. xx  *from me* Leave me alone. I mean it.  *from unknown number* I can't do that beautiful xx 


I don't text back. I put my phone beside me and it beeps again. I look at it. 


*From unknown number* Come on beautiful. Don't make this harder than it is. xx  *From me* DONT MAKE WHAT HARDER!?  I text back now mad.  *From unknown number* I will explain everything later beautiful i promise. Please don't be mad at me. xx  *From me* too late. I hate you.  *from unknown number* yeah. said the moan you made when i gave you that love bite. xx


My breath catches in my throat. My hand slowly moves to my neck. I slowly touch the mark. 


*from unknown number* yeah. thats right. i could rub it myself you know. ;) or make it deeper. xx


I swallow hard. 


*from me. * no you cant.  *from unknown number.* i could if you let me in. xx 


Let him.. I look at the living room window. I see him leaning against the tree in my front yard next to the window. his phone in his hand his legs crossed a smirk on his face. My eyes widen. He never stops scaring me. I gasp and stand up and glare at him and walk over to the window and shut the curtains and make sure the windows and doors are locked. Then my phone beeps. 


*from unknown number* gee actually thought for a second you were gonna let me in. xx 


*from me* never!! stop staking me! Leave me alone! 


*from unknown number* nice shirt ;) the shorts could be shorter. ;) xx 


I look at myself. Tank top and shorts. He's disgusting. Yet hot. Ugh! I turn my phone off and retreat into my bed room the whole day. At dinner I walk down stairs, and check all the doors and windows. All still locked and curtains closed. Good. I make dinner and sit on the couch in my pjs. I select a movie and lay on the couch watching it. I drift off to sleep. In the middle of the night something wakes me up. A feeling. A bed feeling. One of those feelings you get when you aren't alone anymore. Or that someone's watching you. I open my eyes slowly. I am not alone anymore. 

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