The Change

This is not my fanfic but it was amazing so i decided to use it, all credits to who wrote this IT IS NOT MY WORK! *dark fanfic*


1. Chapter One

My friends and I went out to have fun. So we went to the local Karaoke bar. We had a couple drinks. People were dancing, eating. drinking. singing and laughing. Just having a great time. My friends went up on stage and sang. I smiled and laughed watching them. I got up and got another drink.

I saw this guy standing in the shadows watching me smiling. I gave him a smile and walked back to my seat. My friends pulled me on stage. They make me sing Fergalicious by Fergie.

I finish singing and walk off stage laughing.My friends and I walk back to the bar and get a drink. A half hour later they leave.

A few minutes later i get up and start to walk out of the club. I start to walk home. You know that feeling you get that some one's watching you? Yeah. I had that feeling. I pulled my short dress down a little as i kept walking. I didn't feel good. I didn't feel safe. I casually looked behind me. It was him. The guy in the shadows.

My heart starting beating really fast. I took a deep breath. I let it out and you could see it because it was so cold. I kept walking and started walking a little faster. I could hear the guys foot steps following me. He's following me! Now what?! I walked down the side walk and turned. I kept taking turns. It was quiet. I think i lost him. I was walking down a side walk when i heard a twig snap. I turned around and spotted a shadow slip behind a building.

That had done it.

I took off running. I ran across the street as fast as i could running down allies and sidewalks. I ran across another street. I turned down an ally and ran coming to.. oh my god. your kidding me!? Damn it! I ran into a dead end.

I stood there trying to catch my breath. Damn i need to get in shape. I heard a deep chuckle behind me. He had kept up with me. And he wasn't out of breath. Not at all. He was in a hoodie with the hood up. And with it being dark all i could see was the hood. He was in dark jeans and black shoes. Depressing much? More like scary as hell.

Who was this guy? He's scaring the crap out of me. He keeps chuckling and takes a step closer to me. Putting only a foot between us. I take a step back.

He grabs my shoulders and pushes me up against the dirty alley wall and chuckles. 

"Well hello beautiful. " His raspy voice sounds in my ear. He kisses my ear. 

"D..don't do" I stutter. 

"Don't do what beautiful? " He asks his lips at my ear. 

"Pl.. please don't r..rape me." I swallow hard. He chuckles again. 

"I won't. I'm not like that beautiful. " He kisses my ear and kisses down my neck. Oh not like that!? You fucking followed me into a fucking alley. Yeah you strike me as the type to rape me! He sucks on my neck and slides his hand down into my dress and pulls my phone out of my bra. He texts himself and puts it back in my bra and pulls his hand out, still sucking on my neck. He's so strong. And so scary. Yet hot. He bites my neck.

"ahh." I whine. He pulls away and licks it slowly. I swallow hard and look at him trying to see his face. 

"I'll see you again. " He says in a much deeper voice than before and walks away. I watch him walk away and put my hand to my neck. My whole body shaking in fear. Who is he? And what does he want with me!? 

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