The Change

This is not my fanfic but it was amazing so i decided to use it, all credits to who wrote this IT IS NOT MY WORK! *dark fanfic*


4. Chapter Four

I am not alone.  I sit up slowly my eyes not leaving the person in the chair watching me. He's wearing a hood and my lights have been turned off. I start to stand but the person is up quicker. The person walks over to me and gets right in my face.

"You better run. He doesn't stop. He always gets his girl. " A deep raspy voice emerges from under the hood. The guy under it can probably hear my heart.

"Wh..what?" I stutter.

"He will stop at nothing. Your not his only target. Stay away from him."  The boy says and backs away from me turning my lights on. I still cant see his face. But from here, he has a better body than this Louis guy who's stalking me. And oddly enough, i'm not that scared with this guy. When Louis is around me the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stand on end.

" "

"Louis is relentless. He can get violent with girls he attacks. "

"Attacks!?" My voice raises an octave.

"Yes, once you're in his sights, he's determined to get you. There is only one girl that got away from him."

"...How did she do that?" I ask afraid of the answer.

"She fell in love with me." My jaw drops a little and I close my eyes and swallow.

"I'm screwed....."

" I protect her. She's my  everything. My girlfriend, Louis viscous attacks still haunt her. But i'm able to take the pain from her. I love her. " He states. I can tell by his voice that he's being sincere.

"Why..why are you telling me all this?"

"I don't want another innocent girl getting hurt. This is just a huge game to him. He loves to listen to girls cry under neath him. It's sick! " I swallow hard and my hand flies to my neck.

"did he do that?" He asks. I slowly nod.

"He did it..against my will..." The boy shakes his head.

"Fuck. " I notice a hint of anger in the deep raspy voice.


"He's made his mark, his first move isn't long after his mark. " He says. My eyes widen.

"What's going to happen to me!? I try to forget about him. A week after he gave me this he texted me. I hand't heard from him in a week and now he's stalking me. Watching and following me..."

" That's what he does. He likes to watch girls squirm, He likes to see them scared. I don't know what it is but he loves it. "

"It's sick! " I say my voice an octave higher due to fear.

"Yes it is. And I will try to protect you as much as I can. But you have to watch out for his partner. He'll start coming around as well." A pager beeps.


"I have to go. I will have my girlfriend stop by tomorrow and help explain to you more. I'm not going to let him do this to you. " He says and walks to the door. I nod and watch him. Still scared beyond belief.


********** MYSTERIOUS PERSON'S POV******************

I left her there like that. Scared and afraid. Truly fearful of Louis. Which is perfect. I can't help but laugh to myself as I leave. She bought that completely. She thinks i'm there to help her. What she doesn't know is....

" Did it work?" Louis asks me bringing me from my thoughts. I look up at him and drop my hood. We are still in her front yard but the moon light isn't that bright. So she shouldn't be able to see us.

"Yes, It worked perfectly. She believed me."I said smiling. He grinned.

"What did you say this time? " He asks. I laughed.

"It was so easy. I just used the story he gives about his girlfriend. And she bought it."

"Excellent." Louis grins wider and glances at her window. " She's going to be fun to play with." He laughed and I laughed with him. He shook my hand and walk away. I shook back and watched him leave. He was right, this one is fun to mess with. She gets so scared. But that's the way he loves it. And I get my part in it as well. I looked up at the moon and walked in the opposite direction as Louis.


******** END OF MYSTERIOUS PERSON'S POV*************

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