The Change

This is not my fanfic but it was amazing so i decided to use it, all credits to who wrote this IT IS NOT MY WORK! *dark fanfic*


6. Chapter Five

*Madi's POV*


I woke up the next morning still shaking. I jump at every little noise. I take a fast shower and get dressed. I go the whole day with out a visitor. They guy's girlfriend hasn't shown up. And its getting late. Great. At 8 pm there's a knock on my door. I look out the peep hole to see a beautiful young and slim girl. I open the door a crack?

 "Y..yes?" I ask. 

"are you Madi?" She asks.


"Hi, I'm Shannon. I'm here to talk to you.." I open the door. 

"Come in." She walks in and looks around. I shut the door and lock it tight. 

"Scared? " She asks.

 "a little.." 

"Honey your more than a little scared. Look at you. You're shaking like a leaf in the wind. " She's right. Im so scared. I nod. We sit on the couch. 

" SO how do you know about this? " I ask. 

" My boyfriend Harry is friends with Louis, and I heard Louis telling Harry that he found a new girl. And everyone knows what that means. " 

"Yeah.. your boyfriend told me last night.."

 "What?" She looked confused.

"Your boyfriend was here last night. He came in when i was sleeping. I woke up and he told me all about Louis and what he does. He said he would send you over sometime today to talk to me..." Her eyes widened when i said this. 

"Harry was with me all night last night. Harry wasn't here...." She says. My heart about stops

."Then who was!? " 

"Did he try to do anything to you? What did he look like? " 

"No He didn't do anything. I don't know. it was dark and he was wearing a hood. I couldnt see his face. I was too scared to think.. " 

" what did his voice sound like?" 

" deep and raspy." 

" shit." She looks troubled. 

" What? "

 "Honey i'm afraid there's not much I can do to help you. It's too late.." 

"Too late!? What do you mean to late!? "

 "He's already sent Zayn in. Your trapped. It wouldn't surprise me if he bugged your house while you were asleep." I gasp. 

"He couldn't.." 

"Oh honey he could. Just try to stay away as much as you can. ok. You get scared easily dont you.."

 "yes.." i nod.

 "Oh dear. well i have to go now."



"What do I do if he comes after me? " She gets up an d whispers in my ear very quietly .

"run. run as fast as you can. try to loose him. run and dont stop. " She stands back up and gives me a hug

."thank you. " I say hugging her.

"youre welcome. try to stay safe.

" I nod and she leaves. I lock the door after her and process the new information. Shannon seemed nice. She didnt seem like she was lying. She always looked me in the eyes. And she seemed a little scared herself. Scared for me. I sit thee for an hour alone. As it gets darker outside. The darker it gets the more scared I get. My phone rings at 10 pm. I get up and walk to it. It's another unknown number, but on my house phone. I don't pick it up. I let the machine get it. The machine picks up and all I can hear is breathing a chuckling. I swallow hard

."I'm coming for you beautiful. " I gasp and take a step back from the phone. 

"" I start shaking again. The chuckle turns into a laugh. 

"I love it when you're scared. " Then the phone disconnects. I realize I'm not breathing. I want to scream, But if he's close he could hear me. I want to run, but right now if he's close he'd catch me easily. There's another knock on my door and I shriek. The door clicks unlocked and a guy steps into the hall. I cower away hiding. 

" Madi? Madi i know your home." A safe and familiar voice calls out as my door shuts. I get up still shaking.

 "J..Jake?" I ask my voice unsteady. 

"Madi? love what's wrong!? " Jake walks over grabbing me into my arms. I have known Jake since I moved here. He's like a big brother to me. I hold onto him tight shaking. 

"Im..f..fine. " "

No you're not. Look at you. You're shaking worse than a chihuahua. " I chuckle. 

"I'm fine. Now that you're here." I smile. He smiles at me I smile back. We sit on the couch and watch a move.

"Where's Beca?" I ask him. 

"She's taking a night class. She said she was gonna come here after class. So I told her I'd come over hang out until she got here." Beca is Jake's girlfriend and like a really good friend of mine. 

"Oh ok." I smile and he holds me. I eventually fall asleep during the movie. 


*** Louis's POV*** 


I was about to walk into her house when this guy showed up. He took me by surprise. He finds her. She's shaking. perfect. She's scared of me. Just the way I like it. She's going to be so much fun. He held her. They talked then sat on the couch. I have to say I was a little mad that she was in his arms and not mine. She's my target. Not his. I watched them. They talked and watched a movie. Then about midnight she fell asleep in his arms. About 12:30 a girl pulled up and went inside. They guy greeted the girl with a kiss. She smiled and took Madi away from my view in the window. Probably into her bedroom. They guy and girl held hands and left. So I gather that Madi and the guy are friends and he's dating the girl he left wit. or he's cheating. but either way, Madi will not see him again. It's too late for me to do anything. Plus she's asleep. I at least have a little respect. I'll visit her tomorrow.


*** end of Louis's pov***

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