"Come To Me,. "


1. The Meet Up,.



Walking up the stairs then opening up your bedroom door. "Ugh!" You throw your bag on the floor and plop on your bed."Baby you light up my world like nobody else." "Yea Makaylee?" "Hey do you wan to go to an O2L meet up ?" "Depends on when it is,." "Oh its at 6:00pm." You turn to look at the clock,. "thats in like 3hrs ""So its freaking O2L!" "Umm ok where are they going to be?" "I think there going to south-whick mall.""But dont you think there will be to many screeming girls ,they wont even notice were there,.""So you never know!" "Well if you say so.," Ok well stop talking to me and get ready ,. be here in 20?" "Yea il be ther in 20,. bye. " bye". You stand up to find some per say "O2L" clothes. You slip on you white cut off cat shirt and your black tank. Then put on your dark blue skinny jeans. Then hop to your bathroom to fix your hair and make up."Baby you light up my world like nobody else." "Yea Makaylee?" "Oh the O2L meet up has been moved to 6:30pm" "Ok,." "Will you still be here in 20?" "Yea , I will" "Okay see you then." "Bye" .20 minutes roll past. You grab your phone and start walking out the door. Walking quickly to the sight of your ex,. you reach the busy road."Baby you light up my world like nobody else." You know what Makayklee Im changing your ringtone,." Umm ok., anyway where are you.?" "Im Right down the street basically,."  "Oh Ok " "Makaylee whats going on even you don't call me this much,." "Oh nothing see you later bye,." "Well ok then.." By this time you never stopped walking, you merge around the corner and see a really nice black truck parked outside. One You step towards the car people start getting out of the car. "OH MY GOD .! OH MY GOD .!"........

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