Will We Ever Love ? (Harry fan fic

Hey I'm Chanel I go to Western Branch High School I'm 16 and head of the popular group. First day of Senior year and a new guy comes to our school. Will he get my heart or will he throw it away ? Read to find out ;)


4. a date ?

Chanel's POV

The teacher came in the class with a tired expression on her face. Morning class my names Mrs.Edwards now take out your textbook and turn to page 500. You will read pages 500-512 and you will get with your partner and do the following experiment you may start now. I started reading but I wasn't reading for understanding just so it wouldn't look like I was looking at Harry. Once I finished reading I ask harry how much more did have to read but than I noticed that he was waiting on me to finish. I blushed and said shall we start.All he did was shake his head . I took a gummy bear and tap water and a cup brought it to my table. I ask Harry what we were supposed to do he said that we are supposed to put the bear in the water and let it set for a day. I let Harry put it in the water cause he looked kinda lost in emotions in this class. I decided to ask him was every thing all right.

Harry's POV

I started to get nervous cause Chanel kept looking at me I started to get worried if something was wrong with me . Chanel asked me what we where supposed to do and I told her that she had to get the stuff on the table over on the right side of the classroom. When she left I couldn't stop thinking about how sexy she was and how cute she was when she blushes I missed her already and I just met her. When she came back I had the biggest smile on my face. Chanel asked me was I ok I said yeah I'm fine trying not to look like a dumass.

Chanel's POV

Harry look very attractive I have to admit but I still don't really know him and he dentally don't know anything about me so I think I'll play cool. the teacher said that after we finish talk to your partner and get to know each other so I did just that. I asked Harry did he like it here so far and did he like anyone here in the school. when I asked I didn't think I before I said it and I said only if you want to tell me. I started blushing again.

Harry's POV

I smiled at her wanting to know more about me and I said that it was fine. I told her that I like the school and that I don't think I'll need help tomorrow. She asked me about how I liked and I started to get sweaty and I couldn't speak I just wrote it on a pice of paper I slowly wrote C than an H I looked at her and than wrote an A I took a deep breath and wrote a N E and I stop all she did was stair at me I knew that she new it was her so I tried to change the subject. I asked her the same to questions.

Chanel's POV

I was shocked that Harry liked me all I could do was make myself look like a dumass crazy mofo. Harry asked me the same questions. I told him that I hate this school and that I liked all I could do was point to Harry. Harry's eyes grew big in amazement. I started blushing even harder. The bell rung for the end of the day I quickly ran out the class to my locker. I could here Harry ask me what time to pick me up I told him the address and I said at 6 cause it was only 3:30 pm. With that I kissed him on the cheek with out thinking. I was afraid to look back and all i wanted to do was leave I gave some boy my books and u told another boy to tie my shoe. They did as told and I told some bitch in my class to stay the fuck way form Harry cause he is mines. I smacked her and walked to my car. I waited for Kenzie and Nick it was only 1 min before they came thought. I took them home as fast as I could I told them every thing that had happened today and I told Nick that I would make something up so that they could meet.

2 hours later

I picked out a small strapless slim fitting black dress with my black red bottom stiletto heels with red lip stick. I didn't want to look to dressy so I put on something dress but not to dressy. I curled my hair and I decided to do a smoky eye look . than after that I gathered my things and put then in my Chanel bag.Ding Dong the door bell rung I grabbed my bag and opened the door. Harry in his black tux it was a wow moment. All me did was stair at each other for a moment or two. Harry said that I looked beautiful and I told him he doesn't look bad his-self .Harry asked if I was ready and I said yes. Harry politely opened the door for me to get in his Rang Rover . One the way there there was very little small talk all you herd most of the way was the radio. On the radio the story of my life came on and Harry started to sing along. I was amazed in his voice I just can't believe that he was famous and he asked me out I never told him that I was a fan because he might not have look at me the same. He asked me to sing with him at the red light I said no if rather here u sing. All he did was laugh and the song ended Ed Sheeran Small Bump stared to play. I couldn't help but sing along and I quickly stopped Harry noticed that I stopped. He asked me why I stopped and I said cause I sound like I am a cat drowning in water. All Harry did was smirk and say no you don't you sound like an angle. I lough rand said thanks. before I knew it we where there at this huge fancy restaurant all i could do was sit there looking like a dumass like usual.


I'm sooo sry I've been soo busy with school it's not even funny and I bowl on Saturdays for scalar ship money and it been so much plz if you Have ideas leave then in the comments like and vote please and tell me what u think thx lots of love ~CNS

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