Blue Box

Ember Winters has had the same dream as long as she could remember. Monsters and chocolate. Doctors and boxes. But they are only dreams, right?
Oh, they're real. And Ember is soon going to get the surprise of a life time. Everything she has ever thought was real is an illusion. All the things she claimed didn't exist. Well, they do. And the man she has known all her life from a dream, he will save her life.


2. Vicky, Sorcer, and the Doctor

     "We'll see you soon! Tell your sister where we are!" Mom called out from her car as I entered the house. The first thing I saw after I stepped in was my twin and her boyfriend making out on the loveseat.

     "Having fun, are you?" I remarked.

     "Oh, shut up!" Vicky retorted snidely, pulling up the shoulder of her shirt back from where it was sagging (halfway down her upper arm) and to where it belonged.

     Vicky was my twin sister, born two days before me. (I still reckoned Mom was mad at me for keeping her in labor that long.) She used to look just like me once upon a time. But then she dyed her hair blond and cut it short. She began dressing in short skirts and see-through tops. She stopped eating and was diagnosed with Anorexia (even though she ate anything in sight when the parents weren't home).

     She was the definition of both dumb (which she spelled as "dum," because "There isn't a 'B,' stupid!") and peppy. Which is why I wondered why she got with someone like Sorcer Live.

     He reminded me of a corpse. He had long black hair that spiked upwards way too high. He wore pure black clothing on his pale body. The only source of color from him was his fiery red eyes (and the occasional pink lip gloss that smeared his face when Vicky sucked face with him). His fingernails were always covered in a black polish, and his left-hand ring finger had a silver ring on it. And he wore makeup. Framing his eyes was charcoal black eyeliner, and he had been known to wear black (Black? What a surprise!) lipstick to school. He was labeled as a "Goth Freak" by the whole school, but no one ever actually made fun of him. He was loved by everyone.

     "Mom and Dad are at work." I told her.

     "And I should care, why?"

     "I don't know!"

     "Well then, don't bother me with stupid info. Why don't you go to your room, Gothie?"

     "Not Goth, Emo. There is a difference," I replied for about the thousandth time, trying to not let her get to me. "And no. If you want privacy or whatever, go to your room." I plopped down on the couch, turning on the T.V. to watch Hell's Kitchen.

     "Privacy?" Vicky questioned, sounding confused.

     "Oh, I'm sorry," I said, condescendingly. "I forgot not to use big, three syllable words near you. Privacy, as in being alone with your boyfriend."

     "He's not my boyfriend."

     "Coulda fooled me, the way you were snogging him."


     "Oh, get some culture, you daft brick! Just because we live in America does not mean you can't learn a British term or two."

     "Let's go, honey!" she suggested to Sorcer, ignoring me. She pulled him to her room, closing the door. I heard the look snap into place.

     I flipped through the T.V. guide, searching for Hell's Kitchen when the screen went black. Just when I was about to leave and read a book or something, the screen switched back on, but the man standing there certainly wasn't Gordan Ramsey. I did a double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things. But he was there all right!

     The Doctor!

     He looked panicked like he was scared for me. "Run, Ember! Just run! If he is there, you are not safe. You're dead. Just run! Quick!" he warned.

     "Wait!" I whispered, afraid my sister would think of me as even more of a loony if she overheard me conversing with a television. "Where are you?"

     "Trying to get to you. There seems to be something blocking us. I think I found a gap in the shield. I am in your future, I hope." He was interrupted by the doors behind him swinging open behind him. A figure. "How did you open the TARDIS?"

     "I snapped," the figure answered.

     "I - uh - what?"

     "Did I stutter? I said, 'I snapped!' "

     The Doctor turned back to me and simply revealed, "You're here."

     Then the screen went black again, and when it came back on, I was faced with Gordan Ramsey screaming at his chefs.

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