Blue Box

Ember Winters has had the same dream as long as she could remember. Monsters and chocolate. Doctors and boxes. But they are only dreams, right?
Oh, they're real. And Ember is soon going to get the surprise of a life time. Everything she has ever thought was real is an illusion. All the things she claimed didn't exist. Well, they do. And the man she has known all her life from a dream, he will save her life.


5. The Universal Truth: Sisters are Annoying

     "I just want to know where you were!"

     "Oh, Icky Vicky finally takes interest in me!"

     "You skipped school, Ember. That is my thing!"

     "No, nosiness is your thing! Leave me alone! It is not your business!" I yelled at Vicky. I tried to sneak down the hall to my room unnoticed, but she followed, like a lion and its prey. Closing (and locking) the door behind her, Vicky pestered me more.

     "I'm not leaving 'til you tell me. Where were you?"

     "I'm not saying," I told her. "There is nothing you can do to change my mind."

     "Well I'm not leaving. Ooh!" Her facial expression changed from curiosity to excitement. "Were you with a guy?"

     "You could say that." I replied hastily.

     "Ooh, finally. You do something that I can relate with. Tell me all about it."

     "How about a deal? You forget all about this. Don't tell anyone about me ditching, especially not Mom and Dad, and I'll buy you a Hershey bar. And if you take the chocolate, and tell anyway, I'll tell everyone about in First Grade, when you said you went to spend the night with a friend. You know, when in actuality you were with Mr. Forge, 'improving your grades.' " Vicky looked at me in disbelief.

     "You wouldn't."

     "Wanna bet? Do you want to risk it? I'll buy your chocolate later. Just leave."

     She slammed the door behind her after she went back into the hallway. 

     "Doctor," I whispered, wanting him to be here. "What am I going to do with her? I want to feel sorry she's becoming non-human, but I can't."

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