Blue Box

Ember Winters has had the same dream as long as she could remember. Monsters and chocolate. Doctors and boxes. But they are only dreams, right?
Oh, they're real. And Ember is soon going to get the surprise of a life time. Everything she has ever thought was real is an illusion. All the things she claimed didn't exist. Well, they do. And the man she has known all her life from a dream, he will save her life.


12. A Shell of a Human

     He lashed out with one of his long arms, and unlike in the dream, the Doctor pushed me out the way. Sorcer screamed angrily, as the Doctor helped me up. He looked calm, cool, and collected. Like this was a normal day. He turned to Sorcer, and spoke.

     "What do you want with the queen?"

     "I will kill her, and take her place. No one will know. Kaeye and Raguson look the same. I will wipe all filthy, unworthy species from Secar Detinu. Then, I will wipe out other planets."

     I looked around the throne room that I had come to know from the dream, searching for it. The platform. There was a platform, I knew, above the throne. I hadn't a clue why there needs to a platform over a throne in a throne room, but it was there. I kept my eyes on the platform and saw a door up there.

     "What if I stop you?" The Doctor asked Sorcer.

     "Oh, you won't."

     "What makes you so sure?"

     "Her." He called for someone, and I almost didn't hear, because I wasn't paying attention. "Vicky! Come here!"

     Vicky came out from behind the throne. She had chains binding her arms and legs, so she couldn't run or fight back. There was a red metal choker necklace around her necklace. Her usual, preppy clothes were replaced with rags. My twin sister, reduced to a slave, and now, a bargaining tool.

     "If you do anything, even come a single step closer, well, just take a good look at her necklace."

     "Ember, do you know what that is?"

     I shook my head.

     "That necklace is activated by a thought. A single thought. Only the person who put it on can activate it."

     "What happens if you activate it?"

     "A very painful death."

     I took a look at my sister, and honestly, I saw nothing. There was no remainder of the sister I once knew. No human. Just... a shell of a human.

     "Doctor, I can't do this. Do me a favor. Do the world a favor," I sniffled, trying not to burst into tears and wanting to at the same time. "Step forward, and there will be nothing for him to bargain with. Then, you talk. Talk like the human race depends on it, because, well, because it does. Please. Do this for me."

     The Doctor didn't look at me. Instead, he kept his sorrowful gaze on Vicky. "I'm sorry," he told her. "I am so sorry."

      I began to leave as he took a step forward; the last thing I heard before the door shut was Vicky's tortured cries. I ran down to the guard.

     "Ma'am," I said. "There is a platform over the throne in there. How do you get up there?

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