Niall's Little Princess

Megan has never had the best life. but that all changes when she meets niall.


2. Running

Megan's POV

I ran down the streets of London. The air was crisp and cold. I ran strait to the park and hid be hind a tree. I watched him run by. I turned around and ran the other direction. I turned my head just for a second and the next thing I know I'm falling down a hill with a boy on top of me.We finally hit the bottom.I covered the boys mouth as I watched my father run past us.The boy looked at me as though I was mental.So I quickly took my hand off his mouth and began to cry.The boy put his arms around me and I began to cry into his chest.The boy began to hum a lullaby into my ear.I slowly began to drift asleep.

Niall's POV

I picked the beautiful girl up bridal style,careful not to wake her up. Her head lay on my shoulder and I have to admit she looked utterly AMAZING! I reached the steps to my house and the second the door closed the boys heads turned to me. "Niall who is this?" Liam asked as though he was mad at me."This is just a girl I met at the park and she fell asleep and I didnt know where she lived so I brought her here." I snapped at him. I walked the girl up the stairs.I lay her down in my bed and kissed her for head.   

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