my sister named Mandi

my sister Mandi is a huge fan of one direction she loves them a lot well i have to say i love one direction to i love their songs but Mandi she loves them all i like them all to but not like she does she likes them more than me one direction is that bad they are the best band i ever heard well not the best band i ever heard i heard a lot of bands that i really liked like Serria Shame and The Band Perry but one direction is okay to but I sort of like them and Mandi talks about one direction a lot that is how bad she loves one direction Mandi said she likes their songs and she loves them and she also likes them i guess Mandi listens to their music a lot like pretty much everyday on her i pod


1. About My Sister Mandi and One Direction

My sister Mandi is a one direction a big fan of one direction she loves all their songs and she talks about them all the time like really sis i like them to but i mainly like their songs Mandi likes them all.

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