Lose of the the two boys part 2

Girl Hannah and joleyna was best friends until they broke apart Joleyna got married one day to Zayn but i thought she would be good with Louis but he died and harry did to it was sad the died in a plane crash the rest of the boys were fine but Hannah loved Zayn more than joleyna but hannah left the wedding and went home packed he bags to move away from joleyna hannah had to much hatred on her right now joleyna and the girls showed up and said hannah whats wrong Hannah said leave me alone Joleyna then said why did you leave the wedding Hannah said nothing and joleyna said you just can't leave like this and Hannah walked out the door and joleyna said whatever and cried and saw something on the floor it was a peice of paper that said i love Zayn Malik for ever joleyna cried more and Hannah went in a taxi to somewhere *find out whay happen in The lose of the two boys*2* !


1. New lifes...

Hannah's Pov...Today was my birthday i was spending my birthday with my boyfriend his name was Nathan we were the happest couple ever so for my birthday i got a simple cake that said Happy birthday Hannah! and my gift was that i got a golden puppy he was so cute we named him A.j that was the best gift ever i said and kissed him by the way i was turning 20 years old and yeah me and joleyna never talked to each other for a long time but Nathan said can we meet them some day i said maybe all the time and right now i said nathan do you want to vist joleyna he said sure i said okay pack your bags we are staying there for 3 days okay i will be in my room packing he said okay i packed my clothing tooth brush got the dog cage dog food and more i yelled for nathan are you ready he said yes lets go we put the dog in the cage and p.s we live in flordia so we drove off to london                                                                                                                                                   * AFTER A LONG DRIVE WE ARE THERE*                                            So we then got to joleynas house we did not see each other for 2 years so i knocked on the door Harry opened the door he said what do you need i said remmemer me i am Hannah he yelled for joleyna ,joleyna came up to the door and said who are you i said i am Hannah remmeber me and this is my boyfriend nathan joleyna said you may come in we began to talk joleyna siad nice to meet you Nathan and she said Hannah so how you been i said good joleyna said how old are you i said today is my birthday and just turned 20 i said how old are you she said married and 21 we gave each other glars and began to fight.

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