Change My Mind

I don’t know if I’ll ever love someone as great as Harry so that’s why I never want to forget this feeling. That’s why I’m scared of moving on. I don’t want to forget what it feels like to be in love with Harry Styles, especially the feeling I got when Harry Styles used to love me back.


135. Welcoming

Lily's POV

"Oh my gosh. I missed this place so much."

I gaze out my window, watching the London Eye get closer and closer to us as we drive by. I smile at it, remembering all of the wonderful memories I had on there, all of them with the one sitting beside me right now.

I feel Harry's hand squeeze mine, which has been placed in his lap ever since we left Manchester. I typically have his hand in mine on my own lap but Luna fell asleep on me five minutes into our drive.

The Eye is behind us now so I look ahead, watching the surroundings pass us by and feel the familiarity that now comes with this city. It's been six weeks since I've been here but it honestly feels like it's been months. I fell in love with this city in the summer and I knew that I would eventually live here.

"Since you missed this place so much, I was thinking of taking you on the Eye again," Harry says. "It's been a while since we've both been there."

I smile at him when he gives me a quick glance. "I would love that. If we can, I would also love to go to our spot. It's been even longer since we've been there."

"Of course. It might be a bit chilly but I'm sure we can handle it. We can go after the party or sometime tomorrow."

My smile widens at the thought. I love the Eye but our spot will always be one of my favourite places ever. So many great memories made there but my absolute favourite was when Harry and I had our first date there.

I lean against his arm until we arrive at his aunt's place where the surprise party is going to be held. They were going to do it at Gemma's flat but it was too small to fit Harry's entire family.

"Just a little warning, my family can get a little...overwhelming. They may scare you a little but it's their own way of showing you that they like you."

I laugh. "I'm sure they'll be lovely."

We park down the street so Gemma won't see it and become suspicious.

Luna had woken up a few minutes ago so I attach the leash to her collar and get out of the car. Harry makes his way to me, taking my hand as we take Luna for a short walk and give her enough time to do her business.

By the time we reach the front porch, my nose had started to go numb. Harry pulls me closer as he rings the doorbell and a few seconds later, a woman opens the door.

"Harry! How are you? Come in."

Harry and I step inside the house and he hugs her after she closes the door.

"Hi, Aunt Dee."

He pulls away and steps beside me, resting his hand on my back. I give her a shy smile and she gives me a warm one.

"Aunt Dee, this is Lily, my girlfriend."

I'm about to take my hand out to shake hers but she steps forward and gives me a hug.

"Nice to meet you, Lily. I've heard quite a lot about you."

I smile as we pull away, feeling a hint of a blush heating up my cheeks. "Nice to meet you, too. You have a lovely home."

"Thank you, dear. Now, come in. Harry, your mum's in the kitchen. She's been waiting for you two. And you can let your dog walk around. Daisy should be around here somewhere."

Harry gives my hand a squeeze and I look up to see him silently asking me if I'm okay. I give him a reassuring nod, letting him know that I'm okay.

I had no idea what to expect today. I didn't think that Anne would have told his family about me. I thought that they wouldn't even know who I was when I got here. But they do, and they seem to like me. So far.

I place Luna on the ground and take off her leash. She walks around and a few seconds later, another dog walks up to her. I'm assuming she's the Daisy that Harry's aunt was talking about.

We walk into the kitchen and I see Anne and a few other women working around the room. Anne looks over at us and her eyes widen as a smile appears on her face. I feel nervous when she looks at me, not being able to gauge her emotions, at least towards me.

"Harry! Lily!"

She wipes her hand on her apron and walks over to us. She hugs Harry first and then gives me one right after.

"Hi, Lily. It's so nice to see you again." She tightens her arms around me before she pulls away.

"You, too," I reply.

"How are you two?" she asks, looking back at Harry.

"We're good," Harry answers. "When does Gem get here?"

She checks her watch. "We told Ellie to bring her here at five o'clock so in half an hour."

Suddenly, she looks up at me and gives me a warm smile. "Harry, why don't you introduce Lily to the family before the party starts? They've been waiting to meet you since I practically bragged about you to everyone."

My smile widens and I feel slightly less tense. I know that Harry reassured me that she wasn't upset with me for what I did. However, a part of me is expecting her to talk to me at some point tonight.

Harry takes my hand and pulls me towards the group of women already look at us. He introduces me to all of her aunt's and her grandmother.

"Wow, you're even lovelier in person," one of his aunt's says.

I blush. "Thank you."

"Harry, dear, she's just as beautiful as your mum said," his grandmother says. She walks up to me and places a hand on my cheek.

I don't find it weird. I find it comforting. She's sweet, just like the rest of his family.

"When are you two going to give me great-grandchildren?" she suddenly asks.

My eyes widen and I can feel my cheeks heat up even more.

"Granny!" Harry laughs. "We're too young for that."

"Age is but a number when it comes to children. It's all about maturity and stability. And from what your mum has spoken about Lily, you two would have no problem bearing my first great-grandchild."

"Gran! Stop, you're scaring her," he says with a chuckle.

I don't even know what to say. I just stand there in shock as every single woman in the room looks at me.

"She's right, Harry," one of his other aunts says. "You two would make such beautiful children. With your eyes and dimples and her nose and smile, you two would make the most beautiful babies."

I give an awkward laugh, still too overwhelmed to speak. I'm guessing this is what Harry meant when he warned me about them. I know they're just making me feel comfortable. I'm just glad that Harry's here with me for this.

"Alright, that's enough," Harry says. "We're going to find everyone else before you all scare her off."

Everyone laughs and I look over at Anne and see her giving me an apologetic smile. I return it, hoping it shows that I'm not freaked out. Like Harry said, this is their way of showing that they like me. I'd take that over anything else.

Harry leads me out of the kitchen, still holding my hand.

"Sorry about them. I was hoping they would wait to do that until later tonight when you feel a little bit more comfortable."

"It's okay. They're all lovely. And your grandma is really sweet."

He returns my smile and nods as we enter what looks like the living room. There's a bunch of men here and a few kids, including a couple that look around Harry's age. I also see a few girls who I'm assuming are Gemma's close friends.

He introduces me to his uncles and younger cousins. I say 'hi' to Robin before Harry leads me to another familiar-looking man.

"Hi, son."

Harry hugs him and then turns to me, placing a hand on my waist.

"Dad, this is Lily. Lily, this is my dad, Des."

He holds out his hand and I nervously shake it.

"Nice to meet you, sir."

"You, too. Harry's told me quite a bit about you."

I was expecting that for his mum but I wasn't expecting it from his dad. I know that they're close just like he is with his mum but I wasn't sure if he talked to him about this stuff, about me. But as I see him giving me a friendly smile, I already feel more comfortable just like Anne did when I first met her.

"All good things, I hope."

Him and Harry laugh and Harry pulls me closer to him.

"Don't worry. Only good things."

The two of them catch up for a while as I stand there listening politely. I love how family-oriented Harry is. I know that he struggled with the divorce when he was younger but I'm glad that he still has a close relationship with the both of them.

Harry then introduces me to his cousin, Matty, and they start playing video games as we all wait for Gemma to arrive. I just sit beside Harry on the couch, linking my arm around his as he holds the controller in his hands.

Suddenly, Anne shouts from the kitchen.

"They're almost here! Everyone, get ready!"

The house becomes a commotion as everyone tries to find their places. We all stand in front of the front door, all along a line as Anne turns off all of the lights. Harry stands behind me, his arms wrapped around my shoulders. With the lights off, he leans forward a couple of times to place a kiss on my cheek.

I know that he wouldn't have done that if the lights were on because the both of us know that his aunts would not hold back in making comments.

Just as he's about to place another kiss on my cheek, I turn my head towards him to meet his lips in a quick kiss. As I'm now slightly adjusted to the darkness, I can see the faint smile on his face before he leans in and gives me one more kiss.

I face forward again once Anne says that Gemma and Harry's other cousin are on the driveway. Everyone immediately goes silent but you can practically feel the excitement. We hear car doors opening and closing, along with inaudible voices and footsteps getting louder and louder. Suddenly, the doors open and when the lights turn on, everyone yells.


Gemma jumps in fright, her eyes widening and her hand jumping up to her chest. A wide smile spreads across her face as she looks around at everyone before landing on her mum.

Everyone starts to crowd her, giving her a hug and greeting her. Harry and I decide to wait for our turn, so when everyone breaks away, we walk up to her.

"Happy birthday, Gem," Harry says, giving her a hug.

"Thanks, Haz."

She turns to me with a kind smile and steps towards me to give me a hug.

"Happy birthday, Gemma."

"Thank you, Lily. Nice to see you, again."

"You, too."

We pull away and Harry stands beside me. Anne walks over and drags Gemma to the kitchen so she can be the first get food. Everyone starts to eat and Harry and I grab some of our own and eat in the living room.

The party is loud and filled with excitement. The aunts are loud in gossip, especially when they start to drink wine. The men drink beer and watch a football game in the other living room, while the kids stay in this living room and go on their phones.

"Are you okay?" Harry asks me as he puts his empty plate on the coffee table.

I nod.

"I'll get us a drink."

He gets up and walks over to the kitchen and I'm almost going to go with him when I hear his aunts start to interrogate him.

"So, how did you two meet?"

"Does she have any sisters that you can introduce to Matty?"

"I heard she's in school. What's she taking?"

"When are you going to propose to her?"

All I do is blush in my seat as I listen to Harry groan and tell them to not be so loud. They start to laugh and I'm just glad that I didn't follow Harry in there.

Harry comes back a long minute later, a smile on his face but I can see a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

He hands me my drink and I place my empty plate beside his on the coffee table.

"Thank you."

He sits down and takes a sip of his own drink.

"No problem." He clears his throat. "I'm guessing you heard that?"

I smile. "I did. It's okay, though. I know they're just teasing you."

He sighs. "I didn't think they would be this bad. I'm sorry if they're making you feel uncomfortable."

I shake my head and take his hand in mine. "I'm fine. They're not making me uncomfortable. If anything, they're making me feel welcome. I promise. I'm fine."

He smiles and gives a small nod.

Him and Matty start playing video games again and I just watch beside him. It's one of those popular shooting games that I still don't understand why is so entertaining.

"Did you want to try?" Harry asks me.

I make a face. "I'm okay."

"Come on. I want to see how good you are."

"I don't even know how to play," I laugh.

"I'll teach you."

Before I can figure out what he's doing, he's tugging me onto his lap, his arms around me as he hands me the controller.

I tense in my spot, worried about what his family is going to think of me sitting on Harry's lap. Before I can protest, Harry leans his face beside mine over my shoulder.

"So, you use this to walk around and this one to move the camera." He places his thumbs over mine on the two joystick things, moving them around to show me how it works. "You use this button to shoot, this button to aim and this button to change your weapon. Just walk around and look for people on the other team and just shoot them."

Easier said than done.

Harry helps me out first, showing me how to do it. He helps me shoot a couple of people on the other team before he lets go of my hands.

"Now let's see you do it by yourself."

"Uh...." I start walking around, already forgetting what some of the other buttons are. All I know is the shoot button so I just hover my finger over it, getting ready for when I spot someone on the other team.

I see someone and I'm about to shoot but before I can even press the button, they shoot me.

"Oh my gosh!" I squeal, watching in slight horror at the replay.

Harry chuckles behind me and rubs my waist gently. "It's okay, babe. Try again."

I slump slightly, not looking forward to being killed again like I know I will.

I take a deep breath and start walking around. When I turn the corner around a building, I spot someone walking in front of me with their back to me. I aim my gun and I prepare to shoot.

I press the button at the same time that Harry says, "No! Babe--"

I watch as the person falls to the ground and I gasp in surprise.

"I did it!"

Harry laughs behind me and I look over and see Matty looking at us with his mouth open.

"Harry, your girlfriend just killed me!"

"She definitely did." Harry continues to laugh behind me.

I can see Matty trying to hold back a laugh and I'm starting to get curious as to why. Shouldn't they be shocked that I actually killed someone?

"What's so funny?" I ask, looking behind me at Harry.

Harry's leaning back against the couch, still chuckling lightly and still rubbing my waist.

"Nothing, nothing. I mean, good job on actually being able to kill someone but, baby...Matty was on your team."

My eyes widen in embarrassment as Matty now joins in laughing with Harry.

"Oh shoot, really?"

Harry nods. "Yeah. It's okay, though. He'll forgive you."

I look over at Matty and give him a sheepish grin.

"Sorry about that."

"It's alright. I mean, at least you killed me with a headshot. Very impressed."

"Um, thanks?" I have no idea what he meant but I take it as a compliment. I turn in my spot and hand Harry the controller. "I don't want to play anymore."

Harry laughs as he sits up and takes it from me. I'm about to sit back on the couch beside him but Harry tightens his arms around me.

"Stay. You're my good luck charm."

I smile before I face forward again. Harry places his hands on my lap as he starts to play with Matty again and I don't even feel worried about his aunts seeing me sitting on his lap. I'm comfortable by now.

I just watch Harry play, and every time Harry wins, he leans in and places a kiss on my cheek. And when he loses, I turn my head to give him a kiss on his cheek.

Even though his aunts may have been a bit overwhelming, I still liked them. I've been having a good time here with his family. They're all just as lovely as Harry, Anne and Gemma are. They made me feel welcome and, I guess, a part of the family right away. I couldn't have asked for a better response from them.

"Can I play?" Harry's other cousin, Ben, asks.

Harry hands him his controller before he wraps his arms around my waist. I then take his hands in mine and play with his fingers as we watch his cousins play. He places a kiss on the back of my shoulder every now and then, knowing that he can't be as affectionate as he wants to be in front of his family.

However, I appreciate them just as much. Even just a slight touch from him lets me know that he's showing affection.

"Thank you for coming with me today," he mumbles quietly against my shoulder behind me.

I smile and turn to look at him. "No need to thank me. I'm happy to be here. With you."

It's true. No matter where we are, I'm happy just as long as he's with me

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