Change My Mind

I don’t know if I’ll ever love someone as great as Harry so that’s why I never want to forget this feeling. That’s why I’m scared of moving on. I don’t want to forget what it feels like to be in love with Harry Styles, especially the feeling I got when Harry Styles used to love me back.


108. Reminder

*STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT!* Please skip if not comfortable reading


Lily's POV

We rush past the crowd in front of the hotel and I let Harry pull me behind him towards the elevator. I can see Harry fidgeting in his spot as he pushes the button and while we wait for the elevator. He stares up at the slowly changing number over us, waiting for it to reach the first floor.

The entire ride home, Harry had had his hand on my thigh. His grip was tight on the steering wheel and I noticed that he was driving a little bit over the speed limit. I know that I'm feeling impatient myself but Harry was even more so.

Finally, the elevator opened and Harry tugged me inside. The doors closed behind us, and the second that I pressed the button for our floor, Harry grabs my waist and turns me around, pushing me against the wall.


His lips crash on mine before I can even ask him what he's doing. He pushes himself against me, his hands tangling in my hair as I finally start kissing him back. My hands roam his chest before they settle around his neck. He turns his head to deepen the kiss, his tongue darting in soon after and swiping against mine.

My bottom lip is taken in between his teeth and I moan out loud before I take the opportunity to catch my breath. His lips move to my neck, nipping and sucking without stopping for even one second. My breaths come out in harsh pants as I force my eyes to open. I watch our reflection on the mirror on the opposite wall, my flushed cheeks and swollen, red lips, and Harry's back, muscles moving fluidly against his shirt as he continues to kiss my neck.

"" That's all I can get to come out of my mouth. I know there are security cameras in here. It's a 5-star hotel. I know that they have confidentiality policies where they can't disclose any information whatsoever about their guests but it still makes me slightly uneasy.

Harry doesn't seem to listen to me or he doesn't care because his lips don't lessen in pressure at all. One of his hands moves down to rest on my waist, gripping it and pulling me closer to him. My eyes flutter closed against my will and I bite my lip to suppress my moans.


I try to get his attention but still, it doesn't work.

I'm about to attempt to push him off but the elevator dings and the doors open. My eyes dart open just as Harry grabs my hand and pulls me out. He rushes towards his room and opens it in record time. The door just barely closes before he pushes me once again against the wall. He places his lips on mine again and now that we're in the privacy of his room, I instantly kiss him back.

My hands trail up to his hair, tugging on them and earning a throaty groan from Harry. He detaches his lips from mine, letting me catch my breath. His hands move up and pushes his jacket from my shoulders, letting it fall onto the floor by my feet.

His lips trail down my neck, my chest. His hands roam my waist as he continues to move down my body until he's down on his knees. He kisses my stomach through my dress as his hands move down to the back of my legs, gently running his fingertips against my skin.

The entire time, I look down at him, my breaths coming out harshly as I try to keep my eyes open. When he opens his eyes and looks up at me through his eyelashes, my knees almost buckle. He pulls back slightly, locking his gaze with mine as his hands disappear underneath my dress. He bites his bottom lip before he releases it and licks it with his tongue.

I feel his fingertips graze further up my legs, up to my hips and then roaming around my waist before they move back down to trace along the top of my panties. My mouth starts to go dry from the harshness of my breathing and when I lick my lips, I feel him hook his fingers into the sides of my panties. He looks at me, silently asking for permission and when I squirm under his touch, he takes that as my consent and he slowly starts tugging the thin fabric down my legs. His eyes never leave mine as he pulls them off completely and I carefully step out of them, kicking them gently out of the way.

Harry moves closer to me once again and a mischievous grin spreads across his face. I furrow my eyebrows at him in confusion, wondering what's going through that mind of his. He takes the bottom of my dress in both of his hands and throws it up over him before he ducks his head and lets my dress fall over it.

I laugh out loud when he presses his lips against one of my thighs and then I hear him laughing with me. He tickles me with his fingers, causing me to squirm even more.

"Harry, stop!" I squeal.

He's still hiding underneath my dress and the sight is actually more amusing to me than it should be.

Now his tongue joins in on tickling me and I try to turn away from it.

"Harry, please! Stop!" I laugh. I pull my dress from over his head and grab his hair. I try to push him away but he just pulls me harder against him.

Just when I'm about to tug on his hair again, I stop laughing immediately and gasp out loud when I feel his lips now pressing against my heat.

I tug on his hair again, not to push him away like before but to tell him to keep going.

I feel his tongue glide along my slit in one bold swipe and I moan out loud and sink against the wall, my knees buckling slightly. Harry's grip on my legs tightens, helping me stay upright.

"H-Harry..." I breathe. I don't know how much longer I can stay standing. Harry continues to run his tongue in between my legs, making me weaker and weaker after each swipe. He lowers one of his hands down to the back of my knee before pulling on it and letting it rest over his shoulder.

I pull my dress up higher around my waist so I can see his face and when I do, I almost lose it. His eyes are closed and I watch as his tongue disappears and appears over and over again at each lick. They become harsher and at a faster pace and he makes sure that the tip of his tongue flicks over my c.lit every time.

I tug harder on his hair, making him groan against me, the vibrations only increasing the intense pleasure I'm feeling.


He does just that, moving his tongue at a faster pace against me. I start moving my hips against him, grinding against his tongue.

"Harry," I say breathlessly. "I'm almost there."

He gives a few more strong licks along my slit and a flick of my c.lit when I finally come undone. The second that I do, Harry wraps his lips around my c.lit and harshly sucks, further intensifying my o.rgasm. And when he flicks his tongue repeatedly against it, I scream out his name.

"Harry! Oh, f.uck!" I gasp, my breath catching in my throat as pleasure continues to wash through my entire body. I shake against him as he continues his assault with his tongue against me.

I can finally catch my breath, slowly coming down from my high. The aftershocks of my o.rgasm crash through me in waves, making my entire body tremble. When I finally recover, Harry detaches his lips from me and gives one last kiss before he pulls back and looks up at me with a smirk. He licks my slickness from his lips and wipes the rest with the back of his hand.

I'm still panting as I meet his gaze and release my dress to fall back over me. Harry stands up and presses himself against me gently, his hands resting on my waist.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asks teasingly.

I rest my head back against the wall and I can't even hold back the blissful smile breaking across my face.

"Very much."

I rest my hands on his chest, slowly caressing his chest and stomach. He leans in and places his lips on mine. The kiss is slow, gentle, and I know that Harry's only holding back to allow me to fully recover. However, I don't want the pleasure to stop just yet. I move my lips harder against his and push him until he hits the bed. I give one more push, letting him fall back onto the mattress.

Harry looks so damn happy right now as he smiles up at me. He moves to the head of the bed as I crawl over to him. My knees rest on either side of his hips, my hands resting on the bed on either side of his head resting on the pillows.

I lean down and brush my lips lightly against his ear.

"How much time do we have?"

I place my lips on his neck and start to gently suck.

Harry groans and then clears his throat, his breaths coming out in harsh pants. "Um...I...I think...a couple of hours."

We have two hours before we have to leave for the airport.


What better way than to spend it doing this?

I lean back up to place my lips on his, his own moving against mine feverishly. His hands rest on my waist, gripping it until I feel him pull my dress up all the way to my hips. I sit up and grab the end of my dress, lifting it up and pulling it off over my head. I wasn't wearing a bra so now I'm completely naked.

I throw my dress onto the floor before I rest my hands on his chest. I bite my lip, teasing him since I know he's starting to get impatient.

I take my hands and fiddle with the top-most button that's actually buttoned, which is about halfway down.

"How am I already naked but you're still wearing all of your clothes?"

He smirks up at me and rests his hands on my thighs, slowly running them up and down.

"Technically, I took off my jacket at the restaurant so I started first. You just happened to fully undress faster than I am."

I roll my eyes and smile. "Well, I don't particularly like that you're still wearing clothes."

I unbutton one of the buttons but just play with the next one.

"Hm, what are you going to do about that?" he asks.

I raise an eyebrow at him. "What would you like me to do about that?"

His smirk widens as he sits up, pressing himself against me. He doesn't answer my question. He just leans in and kisses me, his hands gliding up to rest on my back, pulling me even more against him. I don't waste anymore time. I impatiently unbutton the rest of the buttons and let my hands roam the hard muscles on his abdomen and his chest, feeling the heat from his skin warm my palms.

I graze my fingertips along the contours of his abdominal muscles, smiling against his lips when I feel him tense under my touch. He unglues his lips from mine, only to place them on my neck not a second later. I snake my hands from his stomach, up to his chest and finally up to his shoulders before I push his shirt off of them and tugging them off of his arms.

I allow my hands to wander along his back now, feeling the muscles move fluidly as he continues to kiss almost every inch of the skin on my neck. He pulls away slightly, only to leave a trail of kisses down my collarbone and then kissing and sucking anywhere and everywhere on my chest.

He's still wearing too many clothes for my liking so I push him again, making him lie back down before I move up on my knees and start unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. I manage to pull them, along with his boxers, down to his knees before he kicks them off himself, letting them fall to the floor.

I crawl back over to him and lean down to place my lips on his. His hands rest on my back, pulling me down to rest my entire body on his before he flips us over so I'm now underneath him. I rest my hands on his back, feeling his muscles move when he rests on his elbows, not letting the kiss stop.

His one hand runs down my chest, stopping at my breast and squeezing gently. I moan against his lips, my fingers digging into his back. I arch my back, wanting to feel as much of him as I can. His strong hands squeeze my breast with the right amount of pressure, just enough to keep me on my toes but not giving me what I want right away.

I gasp into the kiss when his thumb and forefinger take my n.ipple in between them and twists and flicks in the most pleasurable way. He detaches his lips on mine, allowing me to catch my breath as he drags his lips down to my other breast and wraps them around my n.ipple and sucks harshly. It's a completely different feeling than the one being given to my other breast by his hand but it's still giving me the same amount of intense pleasure.

His leg comes in between mine and he rests the bottom half of his body on mine, letting his thigh rest against my heat as I feel his hard length resting on my thigh.

I moan out loud at all of the pleasure he's giving me and I start to grind my hips up against his leg. He continues to squeeze, tug and flick my one breast, lick and suck on my other as I move faster and harder against his thigh.


I can feel the warmth growing in my stomach. I know that I'm almost there, almost reaching my second o.rgasm of the night. Harry seems to sense it too because he gives one strong squeeze of his hand and a harsh suck and then he pushes his thigh down at the same time that I grind up against his leg, the multiple sources of pleasure making me come undone and giving me one of the most intense o.rgasms I've ever had.

"Harry!" I scream, scratching my nails across his back. "S.hit...don't stop."

He continues to squeeze, suck and move against me, lengthening my mind-blowing high and making my legs shake underneath him. He slowly stops his movements and I try to catch my breath as I return from my high. I melt into the bed, my body feeling weightless and still buzzing.

Harry disconnects his lips from me and I look down to see an angry red mark around my n.ipple. He removes his hand from my other breast and I see a red imprint of his hand on my skin.

"S.hit, sorry," he chuckles.

I smile up at him and giggle lightly. "That is perfectly fine. It'll be a reminder of you when I go home. I'm sure it'll stay for a few days."

A smirk replaces his smile as he moves up so his face is right over mine.

"If that's only going to be a reminder for a few days then I definitely need to do more to last until I see you again."

My breath catches in my throat at his words.

"How many weeks until we have our show in Manchester?" he asks, his voice low and raspy.

I blink in confusion. My mouth goes dry and my eyes dart back and forth in between his. I can feel my heart start to pick up again just as it had finally went back to a normal pace.


"How many weeks until our Manchester show?" he asks again, much more slowly but even more sexily.

I gulp as I think it through. It's the third week of September and their show in Manchester is at the end of October.

"Um...five weeks."

His smirk stretches further into his cheek.

"Then I have less than two hours to give you a reminder of me that'll last five weeks."


He stops me with a kiss, instantly shutting me up but also making me forget about every thought except him.

I didn't think I had more in me but as his lips move against mine, his tongue darting into my mouth and massaging mine, I can already start to feel myself getting worked up. He rests his body against mine once again and I can feel our racing hearts blending together against our chests.

He moves so both of my legs are now on either side of him and I lift them up and wrap them around his waist, pulling him harder against me.

He grinds against me once, letting me feel his length moving against my heat. We both moan into the kiss as I tangle my hands in his hair and tugging lightly. His arms rest of either side of my shoulders as he supports himself on his elbows, his hands grabbing each side of my face.

I can't hold it back anymore. I take one of my hands and move it down in between us, taking his length and guiding it up to my core. I rest the tip right at my entrance and he pushes himself in right after. Both of us breathe out harshly at the feeling of him filling me up completely. I bring my hand back up to rake through his hair, pushing the strands that fell down his face.

We kiss once again as he pulls back almost all the way, just leaving the tip in before he thrusts into me. I squeal and moan at the same time into the kiss, the pleasure moving in one fluid wave through my entire body.

He continues to thrust in and out of me in an effortless and smooth way and it's not long before I start to move up hips up to meet his.

"I love you so much, baby," he groans against my lips. "So f.ucking beautiful."

His words give me an entirely different kind of pleasure, the emotional pleasure that I've been craving even though I feel it every second that I'm with Harry. Even when we're not together, even when we're thousands of miles apart, I still feel it tingling inside of me.

"I love you, Harry. So much."

He starts moving faster and harder as he kisses down on me more urgently. I arch my back, pressing myself against him. He hits the right spot inside of me at every thrust and it's not long until I feel myself reaching my peak once again.

I make sure that this is as much for Harry as he's making it for me, so I clench my walls around him. I feel him tense from on top of me, a low groan vibrating from his throat. I run my nails across his scalp but I fist his hair and tug harshly.

He thrusts become sharp, his hips snapping against mine as he continues to roll in and out of me. He drives into me in another strong thrust and that's when I come undone.

"Harry! Harry..."

I can feel my walls pulse around him and it's not long until I feel him tense up on top of me.

"F.uck...Lily! feel so good, baby."

He starts to thrust slowly again, letting both of us ride out our high. I collapse back on the bed, my arms falling by my sides as he pulls himself out of me. I close my eyes as I try to catch my breath for what feels like the millionth time tonight.

I feel Harry sit up on his knees and I open my eyes just in time to see him grabbing my waist and pulling me to him so he's right in between my legs again on his lap. I've barely recovered our previous pleasures before he's pushing himself inside of my still sensitive core.


"It's okay, baby. Just relax."

I try to control my breathing as I just watch him. A layer of sweat is covering his body, causing some of his hair to stick to his forehead and the back of his neck.

He starts to move in and out of me slowly once again and I close my eyes in pleasure. The new angle is giving me a sense of excitement even though my body is almost completely drained of energy from Harry already giving me three mind-blowing o.rgasms.

He thrusts in and out of me as he grips my waist and pulls me against him. I start to squirm on the bed, moans spilling out of my mouth and hands tugging at the sheets beside me. His eyes never leave mine, only moving down occasionally to watch where we were connected before moving back to meet my gaze.

A look of adoration washes over his face and he shakes his head as his eyes roam my face and my body.

"So beautiful."

I feel my cheeks heat up. I know he's said this a million times already but every time he says it, it still makes me feel so amazing inside. When I take my bottom lip in between my teeth to hold back my smile that's threatening to widen, I see his eyes dart to my lips.

I can see desire flicker in his eyes before he starts to move faster, his grip on my waist tightening. I decide to give him a little bit of a show since he's been doing most of the work this entire time, so I take my hands and grab onto my breasts, squeezing and kneading like he was doing to me a while ago.

"Oh, Harry...keep going."

His hips start moving into me sharply as he continues to move me against him with his grip on my waist.

"Are you almost there, baby?"

All I can do is nod as I arch my back and moan out loud. He continues to thrust in and out of me, only getting faster and harder until I reach my high once again.

"Harry! F.uck, yes!" I pant harshly. "Harder..."

He does just that, he goes harder but much slower as I ride out my high. I continue to moan his name, my hands falling to the side again. I can feel my skin sticky with sweat and I look up and see Harry still glowing in his own. I hadn't even completely recovered, my body still buzzing in in the aftershocks of my o.rgasm before he starts to thrust faster once again.

I jolt on the bed when he places his thumb on my overly sensitive c.lit. My hand darts out to grab his wrist, weakly trying to pull him off.

"Harry...I...I can't anymore," I say breathlessly. It's too much. I'm too sensitive and I don't know if I have it in me for more.

"Just one more, baby. One more."

I release his wrist, letting my hand fall back on the bed as I try to relax and just focus on Harry. He's still thrusting in and out of me, and it's not long until his thumb is moving against my c.lit once again. My body flinches at the intense pleasure, my hands darting up to grab onto my hair to release some tension. I arch my back, higher than I have before and I throw my head back as Harry presses harder against me.

" feel amazing, baby. I'm almost there. Come with me."

His words spark the fire inside of me as I fall back on the bed and look up at him. I reach up with both of my hands, grabbing the back of his neck before I pull him down to place his lips on mine. He's still able to move inside of me, while his thumb continues to draw harsh circles on my c.lit.

I move my lips furiously against his, my tongue moving into his mouth and gliding along the top of his mouth and against his tongue. I plant my feet on the bed beside his legs, using is as leverage to move my hips up to meet his thrusts.

"Harry, I'm almost there. Faster."

He moves his thumb faster and his other hand grabs one of mine, pressing it against the bed beside my head as he thrusts harder against me. Knowing that we're both about to reach our high, I tighten my walls around him, eliciting a groan from him. He continues to move against me until I feel myself explode in pleasure.

"Harry! F.uck, Harry!"

My breaths come out in loud pants, reverberating all around the room. I gasp for air as the pleasure only continues to grow. I start to shake underneath him and he gives one more thrust before he comes undone on top of me. His entire body tenses up, his length pulsing before he releases deep inside of me.

"Lily! F.uck, baby! F.uck, f.uck, f.uck!" he growls through gritted teeth, throwing his head back. The pleasure rolls through my body, reaching its peak until I start to come down from my high. Harry gives a few small, gentle thrusts as he comes down from his own and I look up to his sweat rolling down his forehead and the back of his neck.

He drops his head back down, resting his forehead against mine as his breaths come out in harsh spurts against my face. He loosens his grip on my hand at the same that that he pulls himself out and collapses on top of me.

He wraps both of his arms around my waist and I take one of my hands and brush it softly through his hair while my other hand traces lazy circles on his back. He rests his head in the crook of my shoulder as we both try to catch our breaths. I can feel his heart racing against mine and I close my eyes to allow myself to relish in the blissful feeling.

I didn't know I had it in me to come undone five times in one night. I know that Harry has a lot of endurance inside of him, his energy on stage showed me a small glimpse of that, but tonight, I saw him in a completely different light. He did the best he could to pleasure me as much as I could handle. Even though I thought I couldn't, he knew that I could handle all of the pleasure he gave me.

The fact that he knows that when I didn't even know myself, it shows that he knows more about me than I do.

"I love you, Harry. So much."

We're both finally able to catch our breaths and I feel Harry place a soft kiss on my neck.

"I love you. More than I can show or tell you. But I will do everything I can to at least try."

I don't even bother thinking about the fact that I'm leaving soon. I only allow myself to focus on right now.

"I will do everything to show you how much I love you," he whispers. "Every second of every day for the rest of my life."

"I will do the same for you, too, Harry. There will never be a second that I would let you doubt my love for you. I love you so much."

"I love you more."

"No, I love you more."

I can feel him smile against my neck.

"Nope, because I love you the most."



DAAAAAMN LOL I got crazy Harry feels with this one. Sorry, I kinda got carried away but, come on, guys, they may not see each other for over a month so I had to make it worth it HAHAHA

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