Future Of Us (Louis fan fiction)

Avery and Louis are the perfect couple. Wait let me correct my self. They WERE the perfect couple until Louis left her to go to X-Factor practically crushing her heart while he became an international popstar! When life for Avery couldn't get much worse, she finds out that her best friend got 1D tickets plus backstage passes! Join Avery Into her journey of life.


3. Hate My Life

Avery's POV

"You What?!?!?!" I yelled jumping up. "I'm sorry it was a really good deal! You know how bad I want to meet him!" She said. "You know how bad I don't want to see him!" I can't believe she would do this. "I'm sorry Avery! I should of asked you first." She cried. "Whatever I'm leaving." I went out the door and heard her yelling for me to come back but instead I ran faster all the way home. I unlocked my door and ran upstairs to my room. I collapsed on my bed and sighed. Maybe I was being selfish. She's been  dying to meet them ever since I told her about Louis and I. It's not like he would remember anyways right? I was interrupted by my thoughts when my phone rang. "Hello?" I answered. "Avery please I'm so sorry I will give back the passes I just don't want you to be mad at me!" She cried. Wow I forgot how sensitive Carter I was. "No I'm sorry I was being selfish, I know how much you want to see them. Plus, it's not like he's going to remember me." I explained. "Bu-" "No buts I'm not mad." I said. I heard her squeal and rolled my eyes. "Ok thanks Ave. Oh! I almost forgot, Luna and I are going shopping tomorrow so we can look nice for the concert wanna join?" "Isn't the concert in another week?" I asked. "Well it's never to early!" "Fine what time?" I said. "Umm is 3:00 good?" She asked. "Yep bye." I hung up the phone and changed into a tank top and some soft shorts. I put my hair in a high ponytail and downstairs. I was still a little hungry so I got a pack of mac & cheese and put it in the bowl. Once I finished cooking it I sat down on the sofa and turned on the T.V. "One Direction has just landed in California and checked into the Pacific Inn Hotel." The news reporter announced. My jaw dropped. No way! Why did they have to check into the hotel thats right next to my flat! There's no way I can avoid him now. I burried my head into a pillow and sighed. I hate my life.

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