‘The darkness drew nearer to me as I felt my pulse rate accelerate. I was sure I knew my way around Halewood forest ever since I had turned seven years old. I reached out trying to grasp anything, something that could help me feel my way out of the darkness. The sound of nothingness triggered my fear of being alone as my palms grew damper until they were seeping with sweat; no one was going to save me. I was on my own stranded with ninety seven percent of my battery left but what was the use of that when I had no signal? The forest always changed its paths so I couldn’t find my way back to my family and they couldn’t find me…’


2. never trust a best friend

Finally! The lesson was over. I was looking forward to the summer Holliday's all week even though I still had a week to go. I always planned out what I was going to do during the Holliday's, who I was going to meet three weeks before it had already started. It might sound a little weird but since I have a very mild case of O.C.D it is sought of like a compulsion for me to plan everything out.


“Sarah what are you doing in classroom? The lesson over. It holidays.”


Laughing at Mrs Laughing accent I looked towards her. Mrs Laughing giggled as she spoke. I wondered what she was going to get up to during the six weeks holidays while I struggled to get up off my chair. Then I caught sight of an unwanted image in my head that made me trip over my own foot only to land on Brian. You guessed it Brian is the hottest guy in school since he is the captain of the football team.


“Hi…is it Sarah?”


“Yah I’m totally your perfect girl…”


My face screwed up as I was hit by the words I had said to Brian. Of all people, I said that to Brian! I watched the cheery expression of Brains face fade away as his mouth opened his laugh roared through the school corridors and every geeky pupil raised their eyebrows remembering what had happened to the last girl that had gotten laughed at by Brian. My stomach started churning as I my supper regurgitating back up my throat. My forehead started releasing sweat as my vision started to blur.

 “Your one funny girl, we should talk more.”


Brian whispered as if he did not want anyone to hear what he had just said. My vision cleared as I witnessed a Cheshire cat grin on Brains face before he gave me a high five and ran off to his friends.

I pinched myself to double check that I was not dreaming; when my brain finally switched on my mouth let out an ear rending screech that scared the flock of birds that were installing themselves in our school chimney.


Shoving my history books into my bag, I skipped happily out the main entrance of St. Benedict. Grace had left me again like she always had done at the end of school times even though she promised so many times that she would wait for me.

My phone vibrated inside my school blazer.


Text messages:

mum: I have received a letter from your school saying you failed some of your exams and you deliberately punched a year 7 boy 


me: mum I tried my hardest in those exams and I promise you that year 7 boy was being a little piece of shit calling you a fat potato


mum: we will talk about this at home I've had it up to here with you

My heart sunk down to my intestine making me feel constipated. I felt a raindrop land on my shoulder followed by a sudden outburst of rain. The sun disappeared behind the shapeless clouds. My head hung beneath my shoulders as I made my way home even happier than I was before the text message! I was so excited to get home…




Instead of the argument I had imagined in my head my mother received a text message from graces mother saying that Graces and my papers were misplaced and I had actually received a B plus in all my exams. The rain had stopped and I was ready to start my summer holidays after all the sulking and mood swings.

Every day I asked myself if I was the only person that had a troublesome best friend. I threw my phone onto my bed in frustration before sprinting down the stairs to see if my mum was cooking. The closer I got to the kitchen the stronger the smell of crispy roast potatoes, juicy golden roast chicken, steamed vegetables and sweet indulging apple pie worked its way up my nose; my stomach gurgled.

Watching my mother like a hawk, I crept up towards the tender roast chicken and pinched some meat off its thighs. The juice the chicken had produced during its time in the oven oozed out onto the floor as I tried to lick it off my hand.




“Who’s pinched my chicken leg…Sarah I know I was you. There was no point doing that since you’re going to eat now anyway.”




My mum spoke in such an aggressive tone almost making me feel guilty for pinching her precious chicken leg. I skipped excitedly toward the kitchen slipping on the roast chickens sauce that had fallen on the floor. Why does my mother always pray before she has eaten a meal instead of after? I gulped down the crispy potatoes covered in the roast chickens sauce. Then I chewed happily on the steamed vegetables before I stuck my fingers into my juicy golden chicken drumstick, slowly savouring each and every part of the drumsticks mouth watering meat until my drumstick was more of a dried out stick left with bones.




Sucking my fingers one by one, I reached out for the apple crumble and munched my way through a quarter of the apple crumbles plate unaware of my mother’s evil stare.

I burped satisfyingly and bowed my head to pray.

“Thank you God for this tasty meal, that anyone would want to steal. Bless the people that spent the time to cook their skills are tasty and unreal. I thank you God once again, today I found my long lost pen. I thank you in the name of the father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”




“Sarah you not going to pray for the poor or at least say a different prayer to the one you always say?”




I was not in the mood to get my happiness taken away from me so I ran out of the kitchen without another word slipping from mine or my mother’s lips.

I jogged up the stairs as my stomach bounced along filled with delicious goodness. My best boy mate Jo always texted me at seven but my phone still read no text messages. The eerie sound of silence drew nearer to me as I started to realize how bored I was.

I decided to check my Facebook since I had nothing better to do and I was allowed to go to bed late since the holidays had arrived.


I jumped over all the junk that was geometrically lined in order to keep me happy, Leading to my computer and switched it on while I watched a catch up episode of the X factor since I had missed one weekend of it.No messages appeared on my inbox so I logged out and went onto my Twitter. I decided it was a nice time to talk to grace about what had happened with Brian during school hours so I started to compose my message. I was surprised at Graces reaction. all she said was brain wouldn't not be interested by girls like me. what did she mean by that?



Grace ignored me for the rest of the evening since I was not important to her anymore…or was it because I forgot to type @grace before entering my message? What did she mean by he wouldn’t go out with a girl like me? I don’t understand what I did wrong for her to turn on me like that all of a sudden. I helped her through thick and thin and never did once turn my back on he

It was ten o’clock and I could feel my eyes weighing down forcing me to close my eyes. I shuffled over to my bed and fell asleep without realizing I had left the television and the computer on.


The birds sang a joyful song of a wonderful new day that was starting. I yawned remembering my mother’s apple crumble almost forgetting that my best friend gave an unwanted remark the before I had fallen asleep. I rubbed my eyes and saved my phone from the sock monster that almost ate it alive. Blisters appeared on my fingers from the time spent the night before button pressing, even though it was not a lot. I typed in my phone password and logged into my mobile Facebook account.



 Disappearing into my pillow I cried; what had I done to deserve Grace’s hate? The message read out clearly what she thought about me as a friend. Was she jealous? My heart was racing as I read the message again to make sure I was not hallucinating. would your best friend call you a slag?


My stomach churned and my head started to receive electric impulses that were traveling to fast giving me a headache as the process took place-this is the end.

 Slouching I continued with my daily routine: Brush my teeth, have a shower, get dressed, eat my breakfast, brush my teeth then meet up with Jo at McDonalds by half past ten. It was only half past nine and I had forty five minutes so I took some time doing my make-up.   My mum wouldn’t let me wear any foundation so I just put eyeliner, lipstick and eyebrow pencil on. Before I could say

Roast chicken it was already quarter past ten so I sprinted down the stairs and straight out of the front door almost knocking my half dead zombie mum onto the hallway floor.

McDonalds was not that far from my house so I walked at a steady pace and waited at the entrance.


Jo was a little late but we still went to Bayfield Park and played with the toddlers there even though most of them were scared of me because of my black eyeliner. I think one of the toddlers had a bowl problem because when I helped him slide down the elephants trunk there was a long trail of poo leading out to the bottom. Everyone kept asking if I was ok and Jo couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of my bottom and the back off my legs. There was a strange smell wafting around my nose and my bottom and legs felt damp and warm, I sniffed the air and caught breath of rotten eggs and cabbage.


Jo wouldn’t stop laughing at me and when I insisted on knowing what he was laughing at he would say there was a leaf crossing the road. Something landed on my bottom and I thought it was a bug so I reached down to itch my bottom when I felt a cold sticky

smelly substance on my hand. Jo let out a booming laugh and fell to the floor laughing like he had been intoxicated with laughing gas.  I still can’t believe Jo didn’t tell me that there was a big load of toddler poo on the back of my bottom and my leg.


Quickly I ran, with Jo alongside me until we were at the alley way by my house and I took my trousers of whilst Jo wasn’t looking I think, he gave me his coat which was like a large oversized dress on me because of my height.

I did not know what was waiting for me when I got home.


After a long period time of walking we finally arrived at my house and I unlocked the door shocked by the squealing my mother was making in her bedroom.

Jo walked through my hallway and sat down in the kitchen. I think he had noticed the apple crumble on top of the kitchen stove.

Bouncing up the stairs, I went into my mother’s bedroom and found her rolling on her bedroom floor screeching like a pig.


“Sarah guess what? I’m going to have a baby. I’m pregnant.”


Her last words echoed in my ears like a constant ringing of a bell. I ran out of her room and slammed the door. I couldn’t believe Jacob had gotten my mother pregnant. She had only been going out with him for six months and all I ever saw them do was kiss, I don’t know how Jacob found the time to ruin her life since I made it pretty hard for them to get some free time together.


I didn’t like Jacob very much and I made it pretty clear Every time he came over. I even deliberately ruined his shoes and he still never got the message. My mum’s too good for him and way too

pretty, She has soft curly golden hair which drops all the way down to her bottom. Caribbean blue eyes with arrow shaped eyebrows, a cute button nose and naturally bright pink lips. Whereas Jacob had mouse brown hair and dark brown eyes which I could not see anyway because of his stupid hair cut that made him look gay, he had a long pointy nose with paper thin lips that were always dry and every time he came into our house he would stink of cigarettes.



My mum had a perfect figure with a balanced size of breast and bottom. Jacob was just a stick with bits that stuck out. I had to tell Jacob off once because I spotted him touching my mum’s bum and I did not appreciate seeing what I saw. My mum was very upset because he went home after I told him off and told him I disliked him because he resembled the next door neighbours shaved dog.



When I reached the bottom of stairs I noticed that Jo had completely helped himself to my apple crumble when he did not ask for my permission; how dare he. I didn’t mind since he let me share his piece with him but if he hadn’t I would have smacked him. I told Jo about my mum being pregnant and he said it was wonderful news which made me smack him on the cheek as a reaction, realizing what I had done I apologized to him and gave him a hug and he kissed me on the cheek for some strange reason which made me slap him again.



Giggling at my reaction Jo stood up as I walked him to the front door.



“Don’t worry everything’s going to be fine… it not good being an only child and you never know you might get a little sister.”

Jo said reassuring me as I opened the door I whispered a quick thank you, he smiled looking into my eyes as I looked into his twinkling green eyes falling into a trance. I had a strange urge to kiss him and I think he wanted to kiss me too since he was staring deeply at my lips and biting his. Slowly leaning forward I run my fingers through Jo’s malicious caramel hairs as he gently stroked my cheek with his finger until resting his hand onto my cheek. I closed my eyes as I felt Jo’s body temperature drawing closer to me until his soft lips touched mine. His lips locked with mine as I shut the door and pulled him closer to me. My arms stroked his as he playfully bit my lips sending warm sensations around my body making me pull him even closer to me until we were against the wall. My heart was drumming as Jo repeatedly kissed my lips and nose before kissing my neck.



I heard my mum coming down the stairs so I stopped kissing Jo and walked him back to the door again as we both said our goodbyes.



“Before I go, Sarah I need to ask you something…Will you go out with me.”



“Yes I’d love to.”

I replied trying to keep my calmness. My feeling got the better of me as I pulled Jo’s collar, unaware of my mother’s hawk eyes peering at me, I pushed him onto the wall and leaned on him as I pressed my lips against his kissing him. My top lip sunk into his mouth as his bottom lip perfectly fitted into mine. All the sensations I had never felt before started to appear. Butterflies in



my stomach flew in circles but did not make me feel sick; being safe in his arms made me feel better.

“ ooooo have you and Sarah finally found out you have something for each other?”


I stopped and slowly pulled myself away from Jo rapping his arms around me as I faced to turn my mother and hissed aggressively at her. Waddling over to the door with Jo’s arms till around me I once again said farewell to him.

My mother had a cheeky grin on her face but I was in too much of a good mood to stick around her to find out why. Dashing up the stairs, I slammed the door behind me and started texting Jo.  









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