One Direction Imagines!

Give me a boy - You're name - how you look like - a place.
And I will make you an imagine + a pollyvore !
Lots Of Love Chloë♥


2. Party with your dad in Londen (Sameerah-Harry)

You were at a party with your dad in London .
You were really bored .
There were only adults .
You went to get some food , you saw a cupcake with chocolate .
You took the cupcake , turned around and BAM .
A tall boy with curly brown hair bumped up and all the chocolate was completely on your beautiful white dress spilled .
You shouted "Look out! " The boy said, " Sorry! I did not see you ! ' "How do you think I 'm going to get out of my white dress ! These stain " I called
He said, " This is my home, my sister will still have a dress in front of you , come with me ! " He went upstairs and I followed him . We I got his sister's room and he was looking for a dress . ' Here , this fits well with you. " he them . It was a beautiful black dress . " He is well ?" he asked. "Yes, he's perfect ." I said. "Okay , but to pull it ," he said. ' not here ! turn around ! " I said. " okay okay " he said. I put the dress on and it fit perfectly . "What 's your name anyway?" he asked. ' Sameerah "I said. "Well hello sameerah , I 'm Harry ," he said.
You went down together and sat down in the seat .
You talked and talked through and through .
It was exactly whether you knew each other for years !
When your father came and said you were leaving . Within half an hour
"Do you want to make a walk " asked Harry . " Sure " you said.
You took a walk and sat down at a fountain .

Harry looked you in the eye and said, "you have really beautiful eyes" "thank you, you too" you said.
He came closer and closer and his soft lips were on yours.
"I love you," he said. "I love you too" I said.
Then your father came and said you were leaving.
You said goodbye to harry and your dad and you went home.
Along the way you and Harry were the whole time texting.
When you got home you went to sleep and you looked forward to the next time you saw Harry.


I hoped you liked it Sameerah!

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