One Direction Imagines!

Give me a boy - You're name - how you look like - a place.
And I will make you an imagine + a pollyvore !
Lots Of Love Chloë♥


1. Information about the imagines!

What you need to do first ! : 

1 ) Give me your name!

2) Tell me how you look like!

3) Give me a boy!

4) Give me a place!


And I will make you an imagine + a pollyvore!

If you don't know what pollyvore's are look this is an example! : 


A pollyvore is a picture about what you are wearing that day!

You also need to like & comment on my other story called : The new neighbors (a Harry Styles Fanfiction) ! 

Drop everything in the comment box for your imagine! 

Lots Of Love Chloë♥

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