One Direction Imagines!

Give me a boy - You're name - how you look like - a place.
And I will make you an imagine + a pollyvore !
Lots Of Love Chloë♥


3. Fight (Julia-Harry)

Harry is sitting on the sofa, watching tv. You walk up and stop in front of him. You slap a magazine down on the coffee table, the headline reading 'HARRY STYLES SEEN TAKING HOME YET ANOTHER MYSTERY GIRL'. You slap down another magazine, and another, all with headlines of the same subject. He looks up at you after his eyes glance over them to see you staring at him, angry tears building in your eyes. He stands up and walks slowly to you, "Baby, you have to know that all of this is rubbish, NONE OF IT IS TRUE!" he tries to take your face in his hands and wipe your tears away but you shove his hands down, "Do not touch me, Harry," you say sternly, trying to contain your emotions , "It starts to get REALLY hard to push these 'rumors' out of my mind when I see them on some magazine cover every single place I go!" you say, your voice rising, Harry's brow furrows seeing the pain in your eyes "Do you know how hard that is? To see pictures of you whit girls every day, when I'm stuck here without you?" you're starting to break and your tears are flowing steadily now.
Tears of his own are gathering in his eyes as he sees you cry, "Are you seriously going to believe the tabloids over me? Have I ever done ANYTHING to earn you distrust? What do I have to do to make you believe ME?" he says, hurt, and you start to cry harder because you know he's saying the truth, but it's been getting harder and harder lately. "You KNOW the media. If I take a single step next to a girl, they claim we're dating!" he yells, angry now, "Am I wrong?" you look down, unable to answer him, but he lifts your chin and forces you to look him in the eyes "AM I WRONG?" he asks, louder "NO, Harry, no bit I can't do this anymore," you collaspe into him, burying your face into his chest as he hugs you tightly, cradling your head gently, resting his cheek into your hair, "Baby, I can't promise that the rumors will stop but I CAN  promise you that I would never ever do anything to hurt you, you know that," you raise your face to look up into his eyes "I do know that, I'm sorry," you say, placing your hands on his cheeks gently "Don't be sorry, I want you to tell me when something is bothering you, but, I also want you to TRUST me," he says moving his hand from your hair down to your lower back, "I do trust you," you whisper, "I love you," he says, resting his forhead on yours, "I love you, Harry," you answer as you pull his chin towards you to place your lips onto his.


Hope you liked it!

Lots of love -Chloë


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