Becoming Jay

Jay wishes he was a "normal" boy, but he's not. Most boys aren't born in a girl's body. When Jay decides to move forward with his identity, the first person he tells is Samantha, his long time friend and crush. What difficulties will Jay and Sam encounter? Will Jay ever be Jay? And will he and Sam have a happy ever after?

PS This story is about something serious, and being transgender isn't a joke. If you don't like people being trans*, keep it to yourself. It's a real feeling, so don't be a douche about it.


6. Wake me up when it's all over

Jay opened his eyes. There were bright lights above him, and his vision was fuzzy and blurred. He could hear people talking, but he couldn't make out their words. He closed his eyes again, scrunching them up. He wiggled his toes, then moved his legs. He went to wiggle his fingers and realised someone was holding his his right hand. 
"Sa-" he coughed. He voice was strained, and there was a piercing pain in his chest.
"Ssh," Sam said. He still had his eyes shut, so he couldn't see her, but he knew it was her. Her voice calmed him instantly. He squeezed her hand. 
"Sam," he said, wincing in pain. Every breath he took felt pained. 
"No, don't speak," she said. Jay scrunched up his face in pain, and for a moment there was silence. He felt Sam's lips on his own, kissing him softly and slowly. She pulled back, but he knew she was still inches from his face. He opened his eyes to see her leaning over his bed. He smiled. Her eyes were red, and she looked like she had been crying. 
"When are you not beautiful?" he said, smiling. Sam laughed, and he laughed to, forgetting his injury. The sharp pain hit him hard. "Aaaagh!" Jay exclaimed. He clutched his side with his hand, his side in agonising pain. 
"Ssh, ssh, hunny, I'm going to get a doctor, okay?" Sam said, getting up to leave.
"No," Jay said, pulling her back. "Stay with me."
"I'll be back in a moment," she said, leaving the room quickly. She returned with a middle aged, balding man, her mother, and two unsuspected visitors - his parents. His dad's steely gaze rested on him, his bald head shining under the bright light. His mum, however, looked actually worried that her son was lying in a hospital bed. 
"Get them out of here now," Jay said, his voice sounding pained. 
"But Jessie, we just-" his mum started.
"Now!" Jay yelled as loudly as he could muster. The left the room looking dejected. 
"Jay, they were worried about you," Emma said. 
"They kicked me out, how worried could they have been?!" Jay said. Emma was silently. 
"Well, uh," the doctor said awkwardly. "You've got a broken rib. Not just because of that punch. Because of the binder you were wearing. It was too small. It was bending your rib, so that punch just topped it off."
"Marcus was suspended," Emma said. "Once they saw you needed an ambulance, they suspended him pending an investigation."
"When your parents heard they came as soon as they could," Sam continued. "They just didn't understand then, Jay. They said they want to learn." 
"I'm recommending you to a gender therapist, kid," the doctor said. "You go to him every week for two years, maybe just a year, we can get you clear for surgeries and hormones. You can start transitioning by eighteen." Jay smiled. Things were beginning to look up. "Gotta wear a bandage for that rib though," the doctor said. "And no binders til it heals."
"Yessir," Jay said quietly. He smiled at Sam. "Can you excuse us?" he said to the doctor and Emma. The nodded and left the room. Sam sat on the edge of his bed, helping him sit up. 
"Hear that?" Sam said. "In two years the boobs fairy's gonna click her fingers and magic them away." Jay laughed. 
"All that matters right now is I'm okay, and I have you," Jay said, kissing Sam lightly on the lips. "Go get my parents, will you? We need to explain all this to them." Sam obliged, fetching Jay's parents. They all sat down on the edges of his bed.
"We're sorry," his dad said. 
"It's okay," Jay said. "All is forgiven."
"Thanks," his dad said. "Son."

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