Becoming Jay

Jay wishes he was a "normal" boy, but he's not. Most boys aren't born in a girl's body. When Jay decides to move forward with his identity, the first person he tells is Samantha, his long time friend and crush. What difficulties will Jay and Sam encounter? Will Jay ever be Jay? And will he and Sam have a happy ever after?

PS This story is about something serious, and being transgender isn't a joke. If you don't like people being trans*, keep it to yourself. It's a real feeling, so don't be a douche about it.


5. Make it stop, let this end

Three classes later, Sam and Jay were sitting on the steps, eating their lunch. They were talking about TV show that they both liked. 
"Oi," a voice called from behind them. "Jessie!" Jay shuddered. He knew it was Marcus Byrne talking to him, but he didn't want to look.  Marcus was in Jay's form, a strong, muscular guy on the school's rugby team. He was probably the most ignorant person in the school. Jay turned around to see Marcus and some of his teammates. 
"It's not Jessie," Jay said with conviction. "It's Jay." 
"No, you're Jessie, you crazy bitch. You're not a man. You're not even a boy. You're just a sick, demented girl. And a fuckin' lesbo too," Marcus spat. Jay remained calm, but Sam didn't. 
"Shut up, Marcus," she yelled. 
"Ah the lil' messed up chick getting angry for her girlfriend," Marcus chided. "Stay out of this, bitch." Sam fell quiet. She was brave, but she didn't know what to do or say. Marcus walked up to Jay, bending down to grab the collar of his hoodie. "Get up," Marcus said, spitting out his words. Jay stood up obligingly. "Now, I'm gonna give you three seconds to run before I follow you," Marcus said, snarling at Jay. 
Jay backed away, slowly, walking down the steps. 
He started walking fast across the field, breaking into a jog.
Marcus started sprinting after Jay. Jay ran as fast as he could across the field, trying to circle back up to the school. He wasn't a fast runner as it was, but he couldn't take proper deep breaths with his binder on. He ran up around the school building, making a sharp turn down to the prefabricated classrooms. He started to slow down, he couldn't breathe. But Marcus was still behind him, running after him. Shit, Jay thought. He got to the fence at the end of the prefabs, and he had expected the gate to be open. But it was locked. He was trapped. 
"Marcus, please, I've done nothing to you," Jay pleaded, leaning against the railings. He was hyperventilating.
"You're scum, Jessie," Marcus said. He grabbed Jay's collar and pulled him up to his face. He swung his fist, hitting Jay in the jaw. He dropped his collar, and Jay fell to the ground, exhausted. Marcus knelt down beside him, Jay lying limply against the fence, still breathing heavily. He  was gasping for air, he couldn't get enough. "You make me sick!" Marcus yelled, punching Jay in the stomach. Jay doubled over, clutching his stomach. Marcus grabbed his collar again, and pulled Jay close to his face. "I hope you rot in hell," he whispered in Jay's ear. He punched Jay in the side of the ribs. Jay thought he heard a crack, and felt a sharp pain in his side. He let out a yell, which only made the pain worse. Sam rounded the corner just as Marcus stood and walked away. 
"Jay!" she yelled. Marcus stopped in his tracks, and turned back to Jay.
"Lights out, bitch," he said as he punched Jay in the head, knocking his head against the fence. Everything went dark. 

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