The Lifeguards Daughter (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Liam Payne is one of the most known lads in California. Between his dashing good looks, and flirtatious personality, he's known as the hottest lifeguard that works at Laguna Beach. What happens when he comes across an old friend? Or shall I say...two?


2. Not Welcome

Angered, I trudged to the trash can, slammed on the pedal, and tossed the now crinkled paper inside. The thought of ever talking to Liam again fumed my mind. After everything he's done he thinks that it's alright for us to start talking again?

No. I won't take it.

I sighed and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. To calm myself down, I walked down the hall into my room, and laid Colette down. She was still asleep, and was sucking on her thumb contently.

"Goodnight sweetheart." I grinned and bent down, kissing her forehead.

I took off my bathing suit and turned on the shower quietly, making sure I wouldn't wake Colette. While the water warmed up, I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I looked exhausted, and there was something else. No one was beside me.

I shook my head of all the thoughts. I had to put an end to this. Sighing once more, I stepped into the heated shower and did my best to relax.


It was around 11:15 when I finally was snug in my bed. However, the thoughts still swirled around.

"What are the chances I saw him? I go to that beach all the time." Stop. Enough. You're not going to see him again, forget it.

And with that final thought, I let my tiredness overtake me.


"Hello?" Called a voice outside following four harsh knocks.

"C-coming!" I responded in my harsh morning voice. I flopped out of bed looking for Colette. Relieved she was still sleeping.

I had no pants on, so I pulled my shirt down to cover up the lacy underwear beneath.

I stumbled half-asleep to the door, twisted the knob, and pulled it open.

"Yes?" I asked rubbing the crust off my eyes.

"Hey Annabeth!" A familiar voice squealed, pulling me into their arms.

Liam. He still wears the same cologne?

Furious, I pushed him off of me.

"What are you doing here?!" I yelled, waving my finger in his face.

"I wanted to catch up on things." He stated staring at me.

"You think that's okay to do now, right? Just stalk me, come to my home at 10:00 in the morning, and ask for fucking forgiveness?! Newsflash Liam, it's not going to happen." And with that, I walked back into my home, and slammed the door in his face.

Again there was pounding at the door. Can't he just leave?

"Please Annabeth, just let me talk!" He yelled. I bit my thumb nail and paced around the living room. "Please. 5 minutes, it's all I'm asking. Then I'll be out of your hair." I facepalmed myself, sighing angrily in defeat.

I threw open the door and walked out onto the steps, closing it behind me.

"5 minutes." I gritted my teeth, disgusted.

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