The Lifeguards Daughter (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Liam Payne is one of the most known lads in California. Between his dashing good looks, and flirtatious personality, he's known as the hottest lifeguard that works at Laguna Beach. What happens when he comes across an old friend? Or shall I say...two?


1. Going for a Swim

"Colette! Silly come here!" I laughed watching my daughter with amusement. Her brown eyes lit up as she trotted over to me. I was sitting upright in the sand, making a 5 star castle for her perky little self.

"Look sweetheart!" I smiled as she sat down in front of it. Colette grew a smile ear-to-ear as she walked around her princess tower.

"Cuh-sull!" She exclaimed, stomping around the masterpiece.

"Want to go for a swim swim?" I asked. She looked at me, her face perplexed. I smiled and shook the sand off of me and picked her up. She immediately clapped her hands in excitement as I carried her over my shoulder down to the water.

I held her arms up as her feet trickled along the fading waves. She squealed as it splashed onto her legs.

"Annabeth?" An unfamiliar voice asked. I looked up and was frightened at what I saw.

"Liam..." I whispered so only I could hear. I turned my body away, ignoring him. He can't see her, he won't see her, I thought to myself. Maybe if I act like that's not my name, he won't realize it's me.

"Annabeth?" He called again. I shook my head and looked at Colette.

"Liam!" A high-pitched feminine tone called behind me. I turned my head and saw her run up to him.

"Want to go surfing with me?" She asked, nestling up to him. "Maybe you can teach me a few things." She winked.

Go. Run away from him you idiot. He's just going to break you. I wanted to scream at her. Ya, he's charming I know, but he's not worth it.

"Sure." Liam said uneasily. He walked away with the girl, looking over his shoulder every few seconds at me.

"That was close, Colette." A heavy sigh of relief blew out of me. I scooted closer to Colette and picked up a hand full of water and dumped it over her head. She laughed and slapped the water around with her hands, kicking her feet while doing so.


Hours went by until the sun cleared out of view.

Colette's eyes were starting to droop, causing me to chuckle.

"I'm tired too, hun." I packed up the blanket and put the remaining food in the cooler. Colette held her arms high,  pleading to be picked up. I threw my bag and cooler over my shoulder, and picked up Colette with the other arm.

"All done!" I said picking up her chair. My hands were full as we walked off the beach.

"Need a hand?" Asked a tall figure. He had a bit of facial hair, and was wearing a leather jacket. He smiled at me with kind brown eyes.

"That'd be wonderful actually." He nodded and took the cooler, umbrella, and chair out of my grasp.

"Wheres your car?" I beckoned my head in the direction. We both walked over to my silver Nissan GTR.

"Nice car." He said in admiration. I thanked him as he placed the items into my trunk.

"I'm Zayn by the way." He held his hand out for me to shake.

"Annabeth." I introduced. Zayn looked up at Colette and smiled, shaking her little hand. The moment was precious.

"And who might this cutie be?" He asked in a baby voice.

"Colette." I smiled looking up at her. Colette's smile was huge as she giggled at the kind man playing peekaboo with her.

"Well nice meeting you two fine ladies. If you ever want to hang out again, here's my number." Zayn stated, handing me a piece of paper. I thanked him once more as I got into my car and drove off.

What a nice, and hot guy, I thought to myself. Great with kids, too.

When we arrived home is was around 6:30. Colette was long asleep in her car seat, drool hanging from her mouth. I unbuckled her and unlocked the house. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see a note on the floor. It must have been slid underneath the door.


I see you still live at your old address. You didn't have to

ignore me today at the beach, did you? I just wanted to

say hello. Well anyway, call me sometime, I'd like to

catch up. (: ~Liam Payne


That bastard.

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