Lovely Dancer

Kat is seems like formal girl but inside she is who she is....a dancer and Justin Bieber i mean you all probably know who is so they got meet on very strange way and got in love in weird way.But they got in love but could that love get through every thing that is going and over her passion?Will they stay strong or broke down?Watch journey of two loves and cry,be happy,be sad,laugh and feel sparks in belly with them.


4. Street Battle

I just waited for him to react.I smirked and looked at him in eyes and said "Sorry honey but you lost again and i just can't help it."I looked at Maria and Marko who were trying not burst in laugh.Marko was holding hand on his mouth and on my right side 'he' was Men in Black..he was happy i could see how happy he was.Then people got away and Luis just pulled his head down and disappeard.I haven't seen him then.Men in Black was about to leave but i stopped him on his way.

"Wait,Man in Black?"I said out loud.He trned around to face me.

"Who are you?"i said.He took his ray-bans off and then i saw.

"Justin......?"I saw his face he was facing me.But what for mother of god he is doing here.

"Hey.......suprise."He said with a weak smile.I felt sparks around my stomach.

"Well that explain everything."I looked down.

"Explain what?"He asked me pulling my head up.Facing him again.

"Well i had power back there to face and beat Luis."I said pointing at place where the battle was.He then smiled brightly but not a fake smile.This one was real.We were smiling there at the middle of airport than stuardes said.

"Flight for Los Angeles is going for 10 minutes please be ready to get on plane.Thank you and enjoy in flight."She finished and i looked at Justin and he was confused.

"I got to go get ready i'm leaving soon.I'm sorry."I said.I turned around and walked away leaving him crying.

Justin's P.O.V

"I got to go get ready i'm leaving soon i'm sorry."She said and lefted me there standing in the middle of airport.I could feel tears forming in my eyes and i just didn't wanted to stop them from falling.I turned and got my way out of the airport.I can't stop her.She got to live her life without me i can't be falling in love with a regular girl.I got into my car and drove away crying myself out.I stopped a front of my hotel and made my way trew papz.I got inside of hotel.I saw Lil Twist and Ryan standing reception talking.When they saw me they started walking to me.

"Sup,bro?"Twist said.He acctually don't see anything.But Ryan did

"What happend with you bro why are you crying?"Ryan asked.

"No,nothing i'm fine."I said and just left to my apartman and traight to my room.Then Ryan came at my back.

"I know it's something bro what's wrong with you?"He said and sat on the bed.I was lying there in tears.

"It's just that that i can't do this anymore.A girl that i love is gone now and i can't see her cos' she don't want me to.This sucks."I said.holding my head in my hands.He turned to me to face me.

"Well i don't know what to tell you it's hard i know but you can't do anything.You two fell in love at the first sight and i think is the best to you get to know her first and then see if you still want her for your self."Then he said.What how he know how i met Kat.

"But wait how do you know all this."I questioned.While getting up off the bed.

"You kidding me whole crew see and know!"He said.

"How ever it is i don't know what to do.She don't want to see me.But i feel like she love me as much as i do her.We meat on weird way.She was kind of mad at me and then i saw her eyes full of tears while sayin me that she got to go.She love me I know she do but it's hard to make her stop.When i was there on she got into a street battle with someone who she obviously don't like at all.And then i saw...she's a dancer."I said getting back on my bed laying down with my hands under my head.Tears were still on my face and going down even more.

"Well then you could do something with that."Ryan said.I looked at him.He was thinking.

"What?"I said confused.

"You could send her an email about how she's in crew and she will be your back-up dancer so it would be easier for you to get to know her and be with her."He said and actually its a very good idea.I was suprised at first but that..

"God that's good idea.I love it so much.Thanks bro!"I said and gave him bro hug "Let's do it than!"I continued and stood up from bed and searched for my lap top.I found it and openned my gmail account and searched for Kat's account.I actually don't have idea how her full name goes.But i searched for her nickname and i was lucky so i found one account with her photo.She was so beautifull on the photo with her friends.I sent her an email and hopped that she will accept cos i need her so bad.

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