Lovely Dancer

Kat is seems like formal girl but inside she is who she is....a dancer and Justin Bieber i mean you all probably know who is so they got meet on very strange way and got in love in weird way.But they got in love but could that love get through every thing that is going and over her passion?Will they stay strong or broke down?Watch journey of two loves and cry,be happy,be sad,laugh and feel sparks in belly with them.


2. I think i could fall in that can`t happen


I woke up in 9pm and saw Marko still sleep on my lap.I moved him and got to bathroom because i needed to pii.Then I took my keys and got my way to car.I got in and turned it on.I drived through the city....Uh,New York.I love it.This morning traffic wasnt so bad,i could get to my house easliy.I got to my home and so i got inside,i placed my keys on table and ran in bathroom for a quick bath and then i had to go to Manhtan street to meet with my friend Maria.Yeah,i got two best friends but Marko is from my 8th and with Maria im friend from primare school.So i got outof the shower and putt my clean clothes on.I had black tank top,skinny black jeans and purple swaggy hat.To be honest i am a little bit gangster since my parents died in an accident what happen when i was just getting 18.I was looking at myself in mirror and got my make-up on and got out of the bathroom.I had no time to eat so i just grabbed an apple from table in kitchen.I got my way out of the house and got in car.I drove through my favorite part of NY.....Manhtan.Thats beautifull part.I got a front of Marias appartment and ringed on bell,she opened and i saw her just in one towel so how i thought she got out of the shower i got in.She looks at me like she saw a ghost.I just ignored her and got in her bedroom and saw....

"HOLLY SHIT!"I shouted then i shut up "Why didnt you told me,also why him,how?"i questioned.He woke up and looked at me and i was laughing.

"What it was last night till now."Maria said holding her hands in deffents.

"Yes but you could text me but no you needed to suprise me like this to see Justin Bieber naked in your bed!"I said moving from doors and then realized he was looking at me confused.

What are you looking at?"I said.He sait on edge of the bed holding hands ond head."The one thing i dont understand with who of you two i had sex last night and who gave me number of her friend some Kat?How ever it was i have to go."Justin said and started to dress up.I dont like him at all.I got angry a little bit and i looked at Maria she had her head down and smiled.

"It would be better for you to go so leave."I said.He looked at me.I pointed to doors.He putt his shoes on and got out.I looked Maria and she was dying in laugh.

"You are so crazy!What the hell happend last night and why did you gave him my number!?"I shouted on her.She was laughing so hard.I took a pillow and punched her in face.She took one too and trow in in my stomach.We laughed and had so much fun on our own.

We were laying on the bed when somebody nocked on the bedroom door.Maria got up and was Marko standing on the door.

"How the hell did you got in?"Maria asked him.He looked at her confused.

"It was open and what the hell Justin Bieber was doing in your house,Maria?"He said and stepped into room.I was still on bed and the he jumped on my with whole weight that much that i couldnt breath.

"God get off me."I said moving him off me.Then Maria joined us.

"Well he slept over last night cos he was drunk thats all."Maria said.

I got up and went window and getting to sitt on chair behind it but something was on it.

"Whats this?"i said taking it off chair.It was black IPhone 5 i showed it to Maria.

"I guess thats IPhone 5."Maria said.Yeah,she was alway that stupid.

"WOW Columbo!!!You found America!!"I said looking at her laughing.Marko was laughing too.

"What i just said the truth."She said.

"Yeah but she didnt asked like she didnt know she said like why is that there because probably its not yours."Marko explained because if i did that i would kill her.

"Oh than i dont know its not mine."She said.

"Wait a second if its not yours its not mine even Markos than that mean just one thing."I remembered.

"What?"they both said in the same time.

"Its Justin Biebers phone!He lefted it here and now i have no idea how we are going to give it back to him.Cos he left and we are so not gonna find him."

"Well lets do it lets find him cos he could report that his phone is missed.So lets just fined him."Marko said.

"Nah ill do it alone you two just relax."I said putting phone in my back pocket.They just nobbed."So lets go to eat something.Maybe Starbucks or Burger King?"I said.

"Good idea lets go to Starbucks."Marko shouted.They stood up and walked to door.I followed them from behind.For few second we were behind my car.We got into mercedes.I drove and Maria turned on radio and there was playing "Hate that i love you" by Ne-yo and Rihanna.I love that song so just smiled and sang over it.

"Hate how much i love you boy but i just cant let you go."Maria and Marko looked at me and started to sing along with me 

"But i hate that i love you so!"We were laughing at each other.We were now near Starbucks i turned off my car and got out i locked it and got my way inside of Starbuck.We ordered and placed on our seats.When i got to toilet to wash my hands Justins phone ringed in my back pocket.I took it out and i looked to ID of caller and saw name "Usher" oh god what do i do to answer and say what.But i couldnt just let it maybe Justin is calling to find his phone so i decided to answer.

"Hello"I said when he started to talk.

"Finnally someone answered!Where the hell Justin forgoted phone?"He said.His voice was so familiar and then i remembered its Usher.

"Ummm he forgoted in my friends house so i thought to find him but i couldnt so i just took it to maybe someone call so i can give it to him i mean could you please come to take it cos i got to go with my friend in few hours to L.A so i dont think i could give it to him?"I said while going out of bathroom.Yeah i didnt told about going to L.A but it just happend like that that i didnt have time for it.

"No im not going to come there that should do Justin and hes drunk so it will be good for him to wake up!"He said and it sounded like he was so angry on Justin for loosing his phone.

"Okay Thanks...i guess."i whispered last part hoping he didnt heard it.

"Where you at?"He asked.

"Im at Starbucks in Manhtan street."I said.

"Thats not far away from us so he could walk"he paussed for a second"or maybe better not he will come there with his fixser so you just be there.He will come for about five."He then said.

"Okay ill wait."I said and pulled the phone away from my ear and pressed the end of call button and putt phone back to my pocket.I got to our table and then the annoying part come.

"Who was that on phone?Is it Justin who was it?"They both started with guestions and i just cutt them off with one answer.

"It was nobody and just dont ask me anything more,ok?"They just nobbed and reterned to their food.We were laughing about something when i noticed that one fixer is standing on the other side of the street.Well how i never saw anyone in NY drive fixser then i thought that it must be Justin so i got up from table.Maria and Marko gave me a where-are-you-going look.

"Im gonna be back in five min."I said and walked over street and then i heard a click of passenger doors and i got in.He was sitting there with his head down.When he noticed me he looked at me deep in eyes and i could clearly hear sparks but why i dont even like him.I ignored it and pulled away from look and took his phone from my back pocket and handed it to him.He took it and then spoke. 

"What so now i needed to get all the way here just to take my phone and the again to get back?"He said.

"Well you forgotted not me so i think that is a yes you need to."I smiled at him at the second and then back to normal.I was ready to get out but he took my hand and putt me back on seat.

"Wait i need to ask you something."He said looking at me with his brown eyes just like mine.We were so close to each other that i couldnt breath.

"Why are you doing it?"He said.

"Do what?"I said with confused look on my face what is he thinking of.He was still holding my hand.

"Make me feel like i want to kiss you and make my stomach blow up."He said and i blushed putt my head down.

"I didnt anything."I said almost whispering but he could hear it.

"Oh,girl yes you did i never thought this will happen because i have never been falling in love that deep and on first look."He said.

"It will go dont worry soon you will not feel anything cos you are so not going to see me again."I said to him looking him straight to eyes and got out of the car.He didnt said anything and i just cept walking over street and in Starbucks again.I sait there silent didnt said even a word and they didnt ask.They finnished eating and when i looked over street he was still there waiting for me to come and kiss him but i didnt.We got out of Starbucks and made our way to car that was standing a front of Justins.They got in and when i looked over to Justin's car our eyes meat and for five seconds i pulled away and got into car and gonna in street.From then i haven't seen him.I leaved Marko's house just Maria stayed.I got to my house,unlocked my house doors and got in.I dropped my keys on couch and left to my room to dress up for bed when i get a message on my phone when i oppended it on my HTC was two messages.I dont remember when i got them.I oppened it and i suprised.In first one said:

'Hey it's me Justin i just wanted to ask you if you want chill a bit at mine.'And second one said:

'I know that you don't want to see me any more so i just want to apologize that we met on the way that i slept with your best friend'

I felt kind of qulity because of being rude to him but it was how it was and i cant change it.I stept in my PJ's and squezed in my warm bed and soon i fall a sleep.

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