Lovely Dancer

Kat is seems like formal girl but inside she is who she is....a dancer and Justin Bieber i mean you all probably know who is so they got meet on very strange way and got in love in weird way.But they got in love but could that love get through every thing that is going and over her passion?Will they stay strong or broke down?Watch journey of two loves and cry,be happy,be sad,laugh and feel sparks in belly with them.


5. I got to admit it i can`t live without Justin but i don`t want to someone hurt him.

I got off the plan and headed to airport we all got to car and drove to the house where we are supposed to stay at.We were having fun in car when my phone did his `beep` thing.I took it out of my back pocket of my pants and saw that i had email sent to me.I opened it and saw some stuff saying there.It said:

Congrats miss Katerina Gonzales you are officially back-up dancer on Justin Bieber`s Believe World tour!

WHAT?!?!?I didn`t even know he was looking for a back-up dancer but it sounded good stuff for spending time even thought Luis could hurt him i would be only a dancer there right?So i acepted and sent reply on it of my agreement.It said:

Subject:For the crew!

Text:I agree to come with Justin Bieber on his tour but just as his back-up dancer and i will be gone every night after show so i don`t need to see Justin and i don`t want him too close to me,ok?

I sent it and putt my phone back in my pocket and i was needed to tell Maria and Marko but then i thought for a second and i think it`s better for them to tell them when we get home.So we were driving and talking,laughing and all that stuffs when i said.

"¿Podemos hablar a solas quando nos venimos?(Can we talk alone when we get there?)"I asked first Marko cos Maria don`t speak spanish.Yeah i speak spanish because i`m born in Mexico so when i was ten my parents and i came to New York and i don`t have idea why.Marko knew spanish cos he finnished school for languages but Maria didn`t.Marko turned to me confused.

"¿Porque estas hablando Espanol ere algo intimido que eja no puede saber?Y si por supuesto.(Why are you talking Spanish is it something private what she can`t know?And yes of course.)He said still confused.Maria was more confused than him.

"Why are you talking like that that i don`t understand anything?"She asked us.

"Oh nothing we were just talking bout something nothing important."I said and smiled a little.We were heading to house in silent no body didn`t said anything.

When we arrived Marko looked at me and pointed at my room.I got in with him behind me.

"So what is it?"He questioned.I looked at him.I looked down for a second and then back to him.

"Well...I think i have to go."I said he just looked at me confused about what i said.

"Where?"He asked.

"I have to leave cos i got a email in car where said that i`m going on a tour with Justin Bieber and i know that you will say that it`s wrong and i know that Luis could hurt him that`s why i told you first so you can tell Maria after i leave cos you know here she would cry and stuffs and i don`t want to that happen cos i would stay then and i know that you are not agree with me but if i go with him it would be much more easier to me to care on him so no one hurt him like they do me cos i know Luis would try to kill him i saw it in his eyes.I`m stronger now more then ever and i can beat them all in just one shot but i can`t do it if Justin is not with me.with him i can do it."I said.He just looked at me not saying anything.He just nobbed his head and lead for a hug i oppend my arms and let him in.We hugged each other so tight and then he let go.

"Alright i`ll cover you.I`ll take your suitcases and you can just go and do your thing save him if you love him that much."He said and i just nobbed my head.I kissed him on the cheek and run out side.After a while he got out and gave me my suitcases.I was on my way.

"Good luck!"He said.I turned around and smiled at him huge.I got into my car and left to airport.

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