Scarlett is basically the sequel to cathy cassidy's version so you probs wanna go and read the book so as for it to make sense but don't worry if you dont want to. Enjoy...


2. The news ...

" So Mum are you gonna tell me why exactly your spoiling me for no good reason or perhaps your trying to soften me up for something bad or you just tell me and save me the trouble?" I asked reasonably.

Of course what your just about to witness never did occur to me in a million years so you probably will understand in a few minutes what I'm feeling and how I will react. Here it goes. . .

" Actually Scarett there is somthing but I want you to know before I tell you that you'll always come first with me no matter what. " Mum replied confidently.

" You mean ages ago you got offered to branch out for an advertising job in New Zeland and your seriously considering whether to take the job up and take me with you to live in New Zeland or to pack me off to Dad's to live there permenantly and I only get to see you maybe once every 3 years if I get lucky enough. " I replied sheepishly.

" Actually no Scarlett although how on earth did you know about that job offer unless you went through my phone and retraced my messages and bugged my phone whilst I was taking calls. But anyway no I'm talking about a-a bout a-a-a man I've met at work and w-well I - I would really appreciate it if you met him and considered him as a step dad father figure. It would reallly mean alot to me. " Mum pleaded quietly.

" What?! You actually want me to meet a guy you like are you crazy?!" I shouted happily.

" W-what I don't understand I thought you'd hate me forever and ever and ever. " Mum laughed.

In a funny way it'll be cool to have 2 mums and 2 dads and who knows maybe I'll have more siblings, could life get any better then this? Yes Kian could be here with me celebrating. But then again I never did get to tell mum my news but right now it doesn't matter cause my life is amazing!!

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