Scarlett is basically the sequel to cathy cassidy's version so you probs wanna go and read the book so as for it to make sense but don't worry if you dont want to. Enjoy...


3. My turn for a shocker...

How could I have been so stupid? I knew with the tongue piercing that was stupid with accidently piercing my step sister holly's lip was stupid this is way off the limit. This is now a life I'm dealing with seriously forget what I was thinking about and what I needed this is much too big too even count that out. l need to tell mum in a environment where mum won't freak out too much. l'll just tell her now .

" Mum I neeed to tell you something serious but I need you to promise not to kill me and be there for me." I blurted out suddenly in the middle of big brother.

" My turn to own up to eave dropping on you and your mates calls, I know you and chaz spent the night together I heard your arrangement 8 till late no movies no popcorn just duvets and a night gown. Why didn't you just tell me you've started to have it, you shouldn't be ashamed it's a natural thing and your a bit young but aren't we all." Mum replied amusingly. #

" Er mum as much as embarrassing as that is its way more serious then that see  i wasn't on the pill and chaz swore blind that he was using contraception but I couldn't see it was dark and when it came to morning and I asked where the condom was he said it kept irritating him so he took it off after but thing is he never actually had it on. He was drunk and forgot to put it on and well now I'm pregnant..." I speak after I hold my breath ready for mum to pack me off on to the streets to dad to anywhere outer mongolia austria libya anywhere away from her.

" Oh Scarlett Murray / Flynn what on earth have you done you silly stupid stupid girl! " Muum cries her eyes fill up wih tears and i stand there feeling liek the most stupidest fool ever I feel liek a son of a bitch, I can' look after myself let alone a small person as well, what have done?????!!!

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