Scarlett is basically the sequel to cathy cassidy's version so you probs wanna go and read the book so as for it to make sense but don't worry if you dont want to. Enjoy...


1. Kian...

Nothing hurts like missing Kian, each and every night I stroke the warm leather braid he gave me that he always wore, when I last ever saw him. Even the small things that didn't matter when I was with him are fresh in my mind to this very day, the way his black hair overshadowed his left eye, the way midnight his horse rewarded you with swipe of his soft velvet nose every time you gave him a apple. The way he acted as if he knew everything  when he was just as sad as angry as happy as me. He ran away from his family because his mum died and he felt no way of being able to sort himself out before the london class girl arrived in killimore, ireland with a bad temper and enough of a scowl on her face to turn milk sour. Yup that was me I turned up then after a day of school in killimore nation one teacher and lots of kids school I jumped up climbed out of the window and walked away while half of killimore had heard about my great escape after less then 24 hours of that dreadful school. But none of that mattered when I met Kian no questions were asked no arkward chats just friends with out all the mushy lets talk about it stuff. Everything went well Hazel was born i get to see mum clare hazel dad and holly but not Kian. Right now I'm at mum's with my feet up eating quality street chocolates and watching coronation street. I'm waiting for mum to come home so I can talk to her about something serious that that really made me think about what I need right now not just what I want. As I think this mum comes through with a shedload of shopping and grin spread across her face.

" Alright Scarlett? Look what I got for us, green thai curry for tea spotted dick and custard for pudding and a new xbox game for you called shootout 47694. " Mum said loudly.

" Cool. "

And no I never did get to tell her my news.

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