Wild - and true.


4. What happened

There was this wedding.

And me and my sisters had gathered at our aunt's house to practice dances, together with our other cousins. We were all girls there, and the dance we were practicing was some traditional 'daandiyan' type, in which you play with some sticks and move and you know, have fun in a 'traditional way'.

My cousin's father is a case. A psycho maybe, but I didn't know anything. I still don;t know anything, all I know is that my aunt is a very brave woman. She is still spending her life with him, and he isn't that kind of rash man if you are thinking that way, but then- I have no idea.

So well we were playing and dancing, and then I got tired and decided to rest. I was bored perhaps, because they were all having fun and I wasn't. Kid, me. I turned away and left that room but the other bedroom was just beside this one, and there was no way to escape the music. I peeped inside and found my uncle there. Alone. My aunt was busy in the kitchen.

So I went in. And we began to talk. I was a pretty sensitive, emotional kind of girl.. I still am, but not that way, I have learn a whole lot now. Believe me.

Always in search of a good listener, that was my case. So then he lay down and told me to lay down next. And I began to share my 'woes' and 'sorrows' and that I thought nobody loved me. He said, that couldn't be.

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