Wild - and true.


7. That lady you loved

She was dressed in a blue sarri and looked gorgeous as she took slow, graceful steps in the magnificent hallway. You couldn't help staring at her like a crazy MC fan, and you lost all your position for that second your eyes met hers. Later you told her that she looked 'exquisitely beautiful' and that no other lady in this world or that could compare to her beauty. Such a flatterer!

Diamond-blue earrings and long hair swaying on her back, just like a model structure of heavenly beauty she surely looked. As if all the joy from the mountains and valleys and all the depth from the blue sky, and fragrances, the warmth of the sun and the breeze of Eden had combined in creating that masterpiece, that woman you adored too much.

I remember how tensed you were, why, beauty creates such senses. I understand it does because... well, we'll leave that matter for now. I'll let you rejoice in hours of waiting- of imagining what your life will be like if she ever chooses to fill it with her soft giggles and pearly talks.

We will leave what would happen otherwise, for now. Because there ain't any harm to keep settling in your eyes what world she has in herself, as such beauty only deserves a beholder's charm.

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