Wild - and true.


3. Hijabi

I am a Hijabi. Hijabi, because I am Muslim. And a woman. A muslim woman wears Hijab to cover herself, it's a sign of her 'modesty'. Modesty, isn't the opposite of modernity - whatever may you think of that. A lady who hides in veils isn't 'backward', or 'coward'. A veil doesn't even decide whether you're hiding some 'bombs' there.

Anyways, I am a Hijabi because it's a tradition. My mom, my grand-mom, her mom even maybe (though she's in her grave now) wore 'hijaab'. It's not like I dislike it, but I seriously wonder how different my life would have been if I had a choice. The reason I am writing this is simple: I want to unveil some parts of me. And why do I mention those things about hijaab when I am sure nobody's interested? Well, because.... -

There's a huge dungeon down there. They're dying. I can hear them scream. I can see their red eyes haunting me. They're all looking this way, they'll eat me up. You'll eat me up, won't you? I am a girl, I am a prey? It doesn't matter whether you hide or you show, there is always a way they can get 'through you'. There's that unkind look, and if some hungry eyes find you, they could burn you alive. Anywhere. Everywhere. But that's not what the story is about. I mentioned that stuff because...

Well I want to unveil myself, remember?

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