Wild - and true.


2. Die.

All life you keep thinking you're perfect. You live a simple life, think about that crazy, 'simple' stuff and try to discover things you aren't normally told here. All life you live 'simple'. Nobody knows you, nobody will ever know you. Nor will you tell them even if they ask. You're you and you'll always stay in....that dungeon we call life.

I never knew there was anything wrong, as I told you before. There isn't. Trust me.

But that night I cried a million gallons. Because I realized what kind of life I am living. You make a sin, you repent. You sin, you repent, sin, repent. But then till when? There comes a time when you get fed up of all that. What no, I won't even say I am sorry, God. You just know I'm wrong and let that be easy. I'll make the mistake twice and thrice and maybe uncountable times. And I'll always apologize because...I can't feel better without.

What's wrong, I hear you ask? Well, everything.

It's something with my physical and emotional. And it cuts deeply. I wonder if..my future will hold some huge drawbacks as in - as in growing.

I've always imagined things. Imagined wildly. "Wild Imaginations" bring that giddy feeling, you know? Yeah that.

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