Isabelle has lost her eyesight due to an accident that had occurred 3 years ago. She is hospitalized and has never been outdoors, she's too scared to go out thinking that she'll get hurt. One day a famous celebrity comes to the hospital to visit all the patients, and that happens to be the one and only Justin Bieber. She was never a fan of him even before she lost her eyesight. But what happens when they meet? How will she react? Will they get close and fall in love? Or will they just remain strangers? Read to find out!


3. Surgery

Isabelle's POV


I woke up the next morning still not being able to see, this was getting really irritating. There was a knock on my door "Come in", I said a bit annoyed. "Good morning Isabelle, my name is Julie" "Good who are you? I'm sorry I can't...see", saying that made me sick, I felt like someone just punched me a billion times. "Oh. I'm your care nurse, so if you need anything just tell me and I'll be happy to help" I gave her a small smile, she seemed nice. Before I could ask for a glass of water I heard the doctor,"Good morning Isabelle, I know its too early but we need to get you to the surgery room immediately" "What? Why" "Well when we took the x-ray, there were still tiny bits of glass in your eyes that we didn't get last time, so we have to go in surgery right away before the glass causes any permanent damage to your eye.". I sighed loudly, well maybe too loud. The nurses rolled me into the operation room, and put me under anesthetic. My eyes were getting tired and heavy, I fell asleep. I woke up but didn't dare open my eyes, I didn't want to see pitch black again. I heard the doctor talking outside of my room once again with my parents with the door slightly opened. Do they want me to hear on purpose? Why not just open the door wide open, or even better talk on the speakers. "So how was the surgery doctor?", my mother asked concerned. "It went very well, but..." "But...?", my father asked a bit annoyed. "But her eyes are severely damaged, we think its best to keep her in the hospital till' we find a solution" "Thank you doctor", both my parents said. That was when I knew I would never be able to see the light. 


It was Friday, I was reading my braille when Julie came in, doing her secret knock,"Hey kiddo whatcha readin'?" "Nothing, just History. I have a test on Monday" you're probably thinking test? why would a blind person take a test? Well instead of reading books we read brailles and take oral tests. I'm in my senior year so I need to get my high school diploma. I put my braille down and turned on the tv, while Julie grabbed a chair from the corner and placed it next to me. Even though I couldn't see I'd still listen to the tv, Julie would describe everything to me. "Did you hear, a celebrity is coming today", said Julie. "Who?" "Don't know I heard it was a surprise." "I don't think I'm going to go, can you take me to the park? I want some fresh air." "Sure kiddo". Julie helped me get on the wheelchair and put a blanket over my legs. She rolled me down the hall as she told me funny jokes. 


AN: Soryy for the short chapter guysss!!!!!!!!! I'll probably update sometime this week, I know I know I'm busy sorry!!!! And PLEASE give my movella a shout out!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSS MWAHHHH!



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