Free Spirits: The 47th Hunger games

This is the story of twins Leo and Dema. It is set in district 14, a jungle district where the people raise exotic animals for the capitol and grow exotic plants. The region is far away from the main districts down south where the amazon was.
Hope you enjoy reading this!


3. The twin tributes

Once we arrive in the Capitol, we meet our stylists. My stylist, Petra, is lovely. So is Leo's, Benny. For tonight, they want us to be stunning, they say. After being washed and scrubbed down thoroughly, they start on my hair. they wash it with about 10 different things, and by the end my head is tingling. Then they wax me. It hurts so much, and I really hate it. An hour later, I am standing naked in front of the prep team, Olga, Don and Juliana. They examine my body and shake their heads over my skinniness. Eventually, they hand me a robe and I go and sit wit Petra.

"Now, Dema. You realize that tonight is mega important, yes?" She asks.


"Well, it's all about impressions. We want people to see you as strong, intelligent, fearless... so you can get more sponsors! Now, I'm sure your are all those things already, but you know, costumes just enhance that! We are going to go for a native jungle dweller look, from long ago. You know, like, fur and leather cloth, feathers, beads. It will be wonderful! We'll even give you spears!" She giggles excitedly. "I can't wait to see you in it!" She hands me a costume. A reddish brown crop top, and an asymmetrical skirt of the same leathery material, with fur around the edges. I put them on, and I feel stronger, taller, faster. "We will keep your feet bare, because you always look stronger with bare feet... and for your hair, well wait and see!"

The prep team spends hours weaving feathers through my hair, braiding it down the sides. When they are finished, I look in the mirror. "Wow" I breath. My hair is weaved with feathers and right to the ends, reds and blues contrasting to the jet black hair. They start on my make up while Petra explains to me "You have a natural Latino beauty anyway, so we are just going to bring our your lovely eyes and highlight your face." 

They finish and hand me a fake spear with vines wrapped around it. Petra leads me over to the main room where all the other tributes are and I get a good look. They look less scary in costumes, especially the ones from 10, who look like cows. Leo comes up to me, and he looks amazing. He doesn't have feathers, and he has a sort of tunic thing. He too has a spear and looks completely calm.

Then we are told to get over to our horses, and we walk over to our chestnut stallions. the chariot they pull is covered in vines and moss. District 1 roll out, then 2, then 3 and so on until district 12. Then we leave and emerge into a road, surrounded by capitol people in strange costumes. "Do you think they look like this all the time?" I wonder aloud. 

"Quite possibly" says Leo. The cheering gets louder as we become fully in view. I remember what Petra said Look straight ahead. Remember, you are to strong and swift for these people. You are jungle royalty! So I look straight ahead.

We finally reach the end, and the crowd settles down. President Snow makes his speech, and we stand for the anthem.

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