Free Spirits: The 47th Hunger games

This is the story of twins Leo and Dema. It is set in district 14, a jungle district where the people raise exotic animals for the capitol and grow exotic plants. The region is far away from the main districts down south where the amazon was.
Hope you enjoy reading this!


2. The reaping

Leo and I walk over to the justice building, and all our details are filled in.

Ellvaro, Dema

15 years

19th November



Ellvaro, Leo

15 years

19th November



 A small smaple of our blood is taken, and we are herded into roped of areas, Leo in the left hand one, me in the right. The oldest are at the front, youngest at the back. The adults stand behind the 12-year-olds. There are always people taking bets on who will win. The justice building and square are in one of the few clearings in this district. The building is made of stone bricks, and is covered in moss. District 14's symbol, a monkey eating some kind of fruit, is over the doorway. Right now, a stage is up on the square, 3 chairs on it. The mayor sits on one, Diadara, the escort for 14 on another, and Tylan, the mentor on another. He is the only victor, he didn't have a mentor in his games.

Diadara is wearing a bright yellow wig and a bright yellow dress. It kind of hurts to look at her. She has beady black eyes, like a snake, and she speaks in a over powering Capitol accent. Now, she walks up to the glass ball containing the girls names. "Welcome to the 47th hunger games! This year looks set to be the most exciting yet!" She giggles at the unintentional rhyme. "Time to pick a girl!" Her hand hovers over the bowl for a few seconds then dives in. She pulls out a piece of paper. My stomach is churning, I'm so scared. "Dema Ellvaro!" She says. For a moment, I relax. Then I realize she said my name. "Dema Ellvaro? Come up dear, come on!" Diadara pipes. I walk up to the stage and up the steps. "This years female tribute, Dema, everybody!"

She skips over to the boy's bowl and dips her hand straight in. "Leo Ellvaro!" She shrieks. " How lovely" Leo comes and stands next to me. "Lovely's not the word I'd use." He mumbles.

We are taken into the justice building and shown into a room. It is richly furnished, and food is layed out on a table. "Do you think we can eat that?" Leo asks me.

"Yeah. Well I'm eating it."

Leo helps himself to a roll, filled with jam and cream, and I take an apple. I know that this is the time allotted to tributes to say goodbye to loved ones, but since the only person who I care about is here, no one comes for a while. Then the door opens and Elin walks in. Elin is the daughter of the school teacher, and she lives in one of the nicer tree houses. She hands me my wooden elephant, and Leo his polished stone. "Tokens. You left them behind. I didn't want people to take them." She leaves. I guess people are already pillaging our house. I hope Boroba will be okay.

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