Free Spirits: The 47th Hunger games

This is the story of twins Leo and Dema. It is set in district 14, a jungle district where the people raise exotic animals for the capitol and grow exotic plants. The region is far away from the main districts down south where the amazon was.
Hope you enjoy reading this!


1. Alone

 I open one eye, and Boroba is sitting on my chest. Boroba, by the way, is a monkey. Just to be clear. The message is clear: wake up! I sit up and reach out for the wooden elephant by my bed. My fingers clasp the polished wood, and I place it back down. 

"I'm not getting up yet, Boroba. It's reaping day" The monkey tilts his head to one side and looks at me inquisitively. "We don't have food" I tell him. He jumps of me legs and goes over to Leo. My brother is still in bed, is messy black hair peeping above the cover. Like me, he is very thin, tanned and black haired. But I have purple eyes, Leo brown. I walk over to the cupboard, open it up, and exactly what I was expecting meets my eyes. Emptiness. Except for a crushed beetle and a couple of cobwebs. Boroba clambers over and hops inside the cupboard, picks up the beetle and puts it in his mouth. Immediately he spits it out and starts clawing at his mouth.

Leo wakes up and disappears further under the cover. He always does that on reaping day. "Leo, I'm going to get some food" I call across the room. I open the door and shimmy down the tree trunk. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that everyone in district 14 lives in tree houses? Today is humid, and very warm. You would have thought that living in the jungle district would be great: food everywhere, beautiful plants and exotic animals. However, all this goes to the Capitol, and the district gets around 1% of it. I'm not even meant to have Boroba, he was going to a rich man in the Capitol, who then died so I got to keep Boroba. My bare feet brush against the jungle carpet and I walk over to a dragon fruit farm, climb over the chain link fence and grab a couple of fruits. I climb back over and run back to the tree. It's safe because no-one is up before 11 on reaping day. Except me. Judging by the sun, it is around 10, and the reaping doesn't start until 2. 

I clamber back up the tree and start chopping up the fruits. Leo finally moves and walks over to the table where I am sitting. He sits down opposite me and says nothing. I pass him a piece of fruit and he takes it. "What time is it?" he asks.

"Ten o'clock. Leo," Then he cuts me off. 

"Dema," he says, mimicking my tone. "It will be fine. Neither of us have been picked the last 3 times, have we?" We go through this routine every year, and ever since our parents died, convince ourselves that everything is fine. 

It's not.

Our father died falling from a very high, slender tree. He was picking fruit, and he slipped and fell. We saw it, Leo and I. We were only 10, but already working to support our family. Now neither of us work at the farms, we only look after animals that are shipped of to the Capitol. Our mother missed him. We came home one day from work and she was lying on the floor, blood spilling from a wound in her side. We found a note on the table.

Leo and Dema.

I'm sorry that I did this to you, but I can't live in this hell anymore. What I did wasn't because of you, don't ever think it was. I know you will hate me, but if you ever forgive me, I thank you. If you ever get sent to the hunger games, be strong. You can win. 

I am sorry. 


Some people came to take away her body, and we were alone.

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