Behind The Scenes

Layla is dating a nerd, the one and only Marcel. He is always in a vest tie khakis, and a button button up. Layla dates him because she sees who he really is. Sort of like... Behind the scenes. (sorry I'm bad at these :P)


4. Valentines Day

So, we ditched school. He drove me to his flat. One thing you should know about Marcel is that his entire family literally hates him, so he lives on his own. Anyway, whenever we got there I took off my coat and hung it up. Then took off my TOMS. I suggested we watch a movie to get sex off of his mind. Thank god he agreed. He picked out the movie, which ended up being Love Actually in honor of Valentines Day. So about 35 minutes in we started kissing. Not like heated, but... perfect. I started smiling like an idiot. "Happy Valentines Day, Marcel."

"Happy Valentines Day." He said back. So we finished Love Actually. Then he suggested making heart cookies. How cliche. But we made them. He threw flower at my face, I drew him a mustache with frosting, the usual. After that, we obviously ate the cookies. Most of them. I ended up staying the night at his house, although we never slept. Talked and kissed all night. Luckily, tomorrow was Saturday so nobody would be lecturing us at school tomorrow. Marcel said he set up a surprise for me. We are going later today.

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