Behind The Scenes

Layla is dating a nerd, the one and only Marcel. He is always in a vest tie khakis, and a button button up. Layla dates him because she sees who he really is. Sort of like... Behind the scenes. (sorry I'm bad at these :P)


1. A typical day

         "There's a fire starting in my heart reach-" A call from Marcel. Time to wake up for school.

          "Hey babe." I spoke in my boring English accent.

          "Hi, time to wake up" He spoke through the old crappy phone.

          "Ok" I answered before hanging up. I was a turtle getting out of bed, grabbing a crop top, and some black skinny jeans. I took a quick shower before throwing on my clothes. I looked in the mirror disgusted with myself. Marcel couldn't see my hate towards myself. Or self-harm. I did it on my thighs. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, being to lazy to do anything else with it. I started on my makeup. Not a lot. Some bronzer, black eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and my all too famous cherry red lipstick. After brushing my teeth I left. Always riding my bike I decided to make a change and walk to school today. It was your casual summer day. Little kids racing each other to the bus stop, spitballs, tackles, yep a typical day. I walked into the parking lot, people laughing and pointing, getting an egg to the back, spitballs aimed for my face. I just dodged them and kept walking. As I walked in I heard a few grunts, and groans. Fucking bullies. I ran towards the noise, and sure enough there was Marcel. "Hey! If you're gonna hurt someone fucking hurt me!" I spat. I saw Marcel attempting to get up, spitting out blood. This was real trouble. The four most known people in school. Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik.

                 "Aww is little prissy upset" They chuckled. I stood there fists clenched, ready to throw some punches. They all ganged up on me. They knew I was going to try to hurt them. The only problem was... They underestimated me. I take karate, football (soccer), wrestling, boxing, volleyball, and track. I threw a punch at Zayn first, giving him a bloody nose, then going for Niall, but he caught my hand. I quicky twisted it around, getting free and running between their legs. They were all chasing me through the halls, but then the first period bell rang. Whew, saved my the bell.




So, this is my new Movella, hope you like it so far! Trying to improve writing skills. Is it working? Yay or nay? Like and favourite? I'll lub you forever!

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