One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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2. 'You Come Home Crying' - Harry

You didn’t want Harry to see you crying, so you were secretly hoping he wouldn’t be home when you were. You knew it tore him apart inside. Though, as much as you didn’t want him to see you crying, you wanted him with you to comfort you and remind you that he’ll protect you no matter what and that you’re perfect, to him.

When you arrived at your shared flat, the door was unlocked, a sure sign that he was home. Your fingers hesitated near the door knob. You quickly pulled your hand back and brushed away the tears, hoping that you could pass the red eyes off as something common, like makeup in them or something. Stepping into the warm flat, you quickly retreated to your bedroom. Dropping your bag and slipping off your shoes, you slowly made your way downstairs. That’s when your phone beeped again, signalling a new text message. Although you had a good idea who it was from, you pulled out your phone, hoping to be wrong. But no, as you had guessed, it was a text from a girl you once called your best friend.

Over the past two weeks you had received the messages from her, all with the same meaning, ‘You and Harry shouldn’t be together, everyone hates you.’ You didn’t give much thought to it the first week, you had received hate over your relationship before, so it didn’t really bother you. It was only after you started receiving the messages several times a day that it started to take its toll on you. Of course, Harry didn’t know a thing about what was going on. At times, you had wanted to tell him, but you didn’t know how to without him getting pissed.

Harry walked out of the kitchen with a bowl of pasta and came over to you, encircling you in his arms and kissing you softly. As he pulled back, his gaze rested on your eyes.

‘What happened?’ He asked.

‘Nothing, you know, just a bit of dust in my eye or something.’ That excuse may have worked, but your voice cracked, obviously dry from your previous crying jag. Harry sighed and tilted your face up to his so you were looking into his eyes.

‘Don’t lie to me (Y/N), I want to know what’s going on.’ Without saying a word, you unlocked your phone and opened the messages. Yes, you had kept them all. You had no clue why, they were just bad reminders, but now you were glad you did. You slid the phone into Harry’s hand, taking his food so he wouldn’t drop it. You carefully watched his face, hoping his emotions would give something away, but nope. He scrolled down a few times, but stopped after a minute or so and deleted all the messages. He handed you back your phone and once again pulled you into his arms.

‘I hope you know that no matter what anyone says, or does, I will never leave you. You sacrifice so much to be with me, and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I honestly don’t understand why people can’t accept our relationship. They should be happy I finally found someone worth waking up to every morning, someone who constantly puts a smile on my face, and the one girl that showed me the meaning of true love. I can’t promise to make the hate stop, but I can promise you that I will be by your side, defending you every day. I love you (Y/N), and if people can’t accept that, I don’t give a shit.’ He smiled down at you, kissed you sweetly then reclaimed his food. He walked into the living room, with you in tow, and the two of you cuddled for the rest of the afternoon.



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If you didn't know, (Y/N) means (Your/Name). Just to clarify things ;)

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