One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


3. 'Surprise Date' - Niall

You woke up to a text from Niall to be ready at 6:30pm. You were intrigued to know what he had planned, but after texting him asking what you were doing, he just replied with: You’ll love it. You didn’t know if it was a formal occasion, so you had no idea what to wear. You had spent a good hour looking through your wardrobe, but hadn’t quite gotten to the ‘I have nothing to wear stage’, when you received a text from Niall.

‘ It just dawned on me that your probably curious as to what to wear. Well, princess, If you go into my closet, on the left side, there is something for you. Love you! x ‘

And he couldn’t have said that before, because..? Oh well, better late than never, you thought. Doing as instructed, you discovered a long, light blue strapless dress, with bits of darker blue weaved into the top. You had seen the dress last week when you were shopping with Niall, but didn’t get it due to its hefty price tag, and you had refused to let Niall pay. After seeing the dress, you had no idea what to expect of tonight. All you had to go by was ‘You’ll love it’ and an expensive dress.

You were ready ten minutes early, but it was a good thing as there was a knock on your and Niall’s apartment at exactly 6:30. Opening the door, You greeted a grinning Niall with a quick kiss, and you were on your way. He insisted on you closing your eyes and promising not to peek, as he wanted you to be stunned.

Closed eyes or not, nothing could have prepared you for the spectacular scene that appeared before your eyes. Niall had driven to a wharf, where several expensive looking yachts were tied up. He led you along the wharf and stopped at one, not the smallest there, but by far not the biggest. There were lights strung around the boats mast and champagne chilled on ice next to a mini feast. A man, obviously the captain, welcomed you aboard. You walked onto the deck and froze when you felt two muscular circle around your waist.

‘Did I tell you that you looked beautiful tonight?’ You suppressed a laugh.

‘Once or twice, but I don’t mind.’ You heard him laugh.

‘So what do you think?’ You thought for a second, before turning around in his arms and pressing your lips to his. When you broke away, you whispered ‘It’s perfect. Thank you.’ He smiled down at you before once again, kissing you.



I hope you guys liked this! I think it'd be cute if this happened! Like, comment, whatever floats your boat... See what I did there? Boat... and the story was about... Ehh never mind :') xx

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