One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


15. Sarah & Louis - Request

Three months ago you and your best friend Casey had entered a competition held by the local radio station for a chance to win two backstage passes to a One Direction concert. You had entered several times each day and when you got a call the day after the competition closed form the radio station, you were screaming. They had told you had won the two backstage passes and that you needed to collect them within two days or they would be given to someone else. Not believing your luck you were quick to collect them…


It was the night of the concert and you were just recovering from a cold you had been battling for a few days. You were feeling horrible but there was no chance you were not going tonight. You had dreamed on the day you finally got to meet One Direction, and that day was here. Your friend had decided she wanted to go all out and arrive in style at the concert, so she booked a limo for the two of you. When you pulled up out front of the arena, everyone turned and looked at you, expecting it to be someone famous. As you stepped out your friend said,

‘That’s right everyone, we’re here, the party can start.’ A lot of the girls gave you two dirty looks which you gladly returned to them. Taking your place in line, you and Casey were trying your hardest to stop from hyperventilating. It was finally happening.

‘Sarah… Can. You. Believe. This. It’s happening! What do you think they’ll be like? Aw, what do you think Liam will be wearing? I hope it doesn’t show his muscles too much or I might have to rip it off him…’

‘Good plan Casey! I’m sure some random running up to him and tearing his shirt off isn’t going to freak him out or anything…’

‘I didn’t think it would.’ The two of you laughed and looked at the group of girls in front of you handing their ticket to the man in the little box. The girls moved into the arena and you two stepped up.

‘Hello ladies. Tickets please?’ You handed them over and he played around on his computer for a few moments before handing them back to you along with a backstage V.I.P pass.

‘These are for after the show. You’re the lucky girls who won the tickets. Congratulations. Keep hold of them and after the show, hand around and you will be escorted backstage by a member of security.’ The two of you thanked him and practically skipped inside the doors.


The concert was amazing and your throat was starting to hurt from screaming so much. You were shoved by another girl and had a cut lip from colliding with someone else’s bag, but aside from that, it was by far the best night of your life. The arena was emptying and you stood back a little, allowing other people to pass. You saw a security guard about double the size of you making his way down the aisle behind the last of the girls in the row.

‘Are you the two ladies with backstage passes?’ You pulled them out of your bag and held them up proudly. The security guard nodded and motioned for you to follow him back the way he came. He led you through a side door that was locked by a passcode and into a long corridor with several posters of previous performances decorating the walls. You walked past about twenty doors and other corridors when he finally opened a door and held it open for you. You could only see a tiny bit of the edge of the stage from the door because a huge black curtain was covering the rest. You walked further into the room and saw Niall and Harry talking to Paul and another man. Suddenly, you heard a yell and the door behind you flew open. Louis came running in shirtless followed by Zayn who had a container of something in his hands. Louis didn’t see you and you didn’t have time to react. He collided with you, sending you both crashing to the ground. Louis’ eyes went wide and he just stared at you. For a moment you were lost in his eyes. I know, sounds cheesy, but how else do you describe it? Neither of you made an attempt to get up, but Harry and Niall ran over to you two and helped you up.

‘So you girls must have won the passes to meet our sexy selves? God, youse are lucky!’ Everyone laughed at Niall and you dusted yourself off.

‘Yep, I’m Sarah, and that’s…’ you looked around the room until you spotted Casey already deep in conversation with Liam. ‘Casey, over there.’

‘Well it’s very nice to meet you madam. I feel I must apologise for almost crushing you, but in my defence it wasn’t really my fault. You see Zayn was chasing me threatening to throw god only knows what on me and then I was blinded by your beauty. But, in conclusion, I’m sorry.’ You looked at Louis who was smiling at you. Did he just say you were beautiful?

‘Well since you have showed such strong evidence that it wasn’t indeed your fault, I’ll forgive you.’

‘Louis, to make it up to her I think maybe later on… you two… should…’ You all turned to look at Niall.

‘Dinner?’ Louis finished for him.

‘That’s what I was going to say.’ Niall laughed.

‘I wasn’t talking to you. Sarah?’ You looked at Louis.

‘Gee, I dunno.’ You watched as Louis face fell.

‘Oh, now you’ve done it Sarah. Run, now, get a head start whilst you still can!’ You looked at Harry confused. Turning back to Louis, he made a dive for you but you fell to the side. Struggling, you got to your feet and hid behind Zayn.

‘Zayn, I’m going to need some of that stuff you were chasing Louis with…’ Zayn handed you the container and you sniffed it. It smelt like bleach. Maybe Zayn was dying Louis hair blonde?

‘Okay, okay. Just don’t put that on me!’ You smiled and handed the container to Paul, who would keep it safe. As soon as the container was out of your hands, Louis had picked you up and carried you bridal style onto the stage. He put you down and you instinctively grabbed his hand. You felt safe with him, surprisingly.

‘Wow. It’s so… big.’

‘I know. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it one day.’ He winked at you and you started laughing.

‘But seriously, Sarah, will you go out to dinner with me? I’d like to get to know you better, You’re the type of girl I’d be proud to call mine.’ You looked up into his eyes and saw his sincerity.

‘Of course.’ As soon as you had spoken the words, the rest of the boys and Casey came out on the stage, clapping and cheering. You took a bow and Louis wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you close, the way he would for many years to come.

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