One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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22. Ravyn & Louis - Request

‘Come on Louis! Please?’ He looked at you shaking his head. ‘I’ll beg!’

‘Fine. But only cause you’re desperate.’ You jumped up and ran over hugging him.

You had been invited onto a television chat show to talk about your popular YouTube channel, and the company had said you could bring a close friend or someone who had appeared in your videos. Your best-friend Louis was the obvious choice as he had been in you past three videos; the best friend tag, truth or dare and the chubby bunny/bubby challenge. You had been pestering him for the past two days to agree to come with you, and he had finally cracked.


The day of the interview arrived and you were nervous, to say the least. Louis showed up five minutes after you, due to trouble entering the studio with all the fans and paparazzi outside desperate to get a photo of him. As he walked through the secured doors with two memebrs of the security staff, he removed his sunglasses and lowered his hoodie.

‘I’m alive!!’

‘It would appear you are! How does it feel?’

‘I must say Ravyn, it feels great. You ready to rock this interview?’ You laughed and nodded as a staff member approached you.

‘Welcome Ravyn, I’m Lyn, head of production here. You’re on in two minutes, you too Mr Tomlinson. Best of luck to the both of you and thank you for coming!’ You smiled and walked to the stage door. Louis walked up next to you and hugged you.

‘Good luck!’ You smiled and took a deep breath as you were signalled to go in. The applause echoed around the room and you soon forgot all your nerves. All these people were here for you. The interviewer stood up and greeted you, shaking your hand and guiding you to the couch.

Interviewer: Welcome Ravyn! And would you care to introduce your friend?

Ravyn: Hello! This is Louis, as most of you know, he has been in my past couple of videos.

Louis: Greetings!

Interviewer: Its lovely to have you both here and for todays interview, I thought I’d take inspiration form one of your previous videos. Truth or Dare. The questions will be coming in live from Twitter, so my only question… are you ready?

Ravyn: Course!

Interviewer: Ravyn, you’ll be going first! Truth or dare?

Ravyn: Dare.

Interviewer: Do we have a dare question? Yes! We do! Your dare is from @amy_J and you have to choose someone at random in the audience and give your shoes to them.

Louis: Good to see things are staying normal around here.

You stood, removing your shoes in the process and walked to the back of your room. You smiled at a teenage guy who was grinning at you, and handed your shoes over. He screamed and hugged you. Once you were back on stage, the interviewer continued.

Interviewer: Well done. Louis, Truth or dare?

Louis: Dare, I guess.

Interviewer: Perfect! Louis, @Misses_Malik74 dares you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room.

Louis: Aw, but I don’t want to break y’all hearts!

Interviewer: Its fine Louis, they’ll forgive you. Go on, have a look around.

Louis: I already know who I want to kiss. But I don’t think she feels the same way about me…

You didn’t know why, but you were starting to feel jealous. Yes it was true, you had a huge crush on Louis, and it broke your heart hurt to hear him say he liked someone else.

Interview: Is it true that Louis Tomlinson has a crush? God, now you HAVE to spill!

Louis: Ravyn.

Ravyn: Yeah Lou?

Louis: No, that’s who my crush is.

Interviewer: Aw!! Well Louis, you know the dare.

Louis blushed and stood up. He held his hand out to you, and you grabbed it. Standing, he grinned at you. You stared into his eyes, searching for any sign he was kidding. He wrapped his arm around your waist and leaned in. You closed your eyes, and as your lips met, you could have sworn the room set on fire. You heard cheering in the background, but you soon tuned it out. You heard the interviewer clear her throat and Louis pulled back. He was still smiling at you and he pulled you into a hug.

Interviewer: So, is it safe to say you guys are now a couple?

Louis: What do you say Ravyn? Would you like to go out with someone such as myself?

Ravyn: I thought you’d never ask.

Interviewer: Well you heard it here first folks! Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is officially off the market! Congratulations guys! You make such a cute couple!

You blushed and pulled Louis back down to the couch. As the interview continued, Louis held your hand and on numerous occasions, you caught him smiling at you.


As you were leaving the studio, you walked out hand in hand. When the doors opened, Louis pulled you into him and ducked his head. You looked around at the hundreds of people outside all with cameras flashing. People were pushing but you kept moving until you finally reached the awating car.

‘You know life’s going to be like that from now on for you and I feel I must apologise.’

‘Aw don’t worry Lou, I’d go through anything to be with you.’ He smiled at you.

‘Can I ask something?’


‘How long have you liked me?’ You lowered your head.

‘A year… or two…’

‘Hmm… you mean I could have had you two years ago? Why did I wait so long…’

‘You mean…’

Yep. Two years. You’re quite an amazing person Ravyn. I should have said something ages ago.’

‘Better late than never.’

‘True that.’



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